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Kowalski looked around the lair to see Private, Skipper, and Rico in the cage.
"Guys!" he yelled and trew his flippers in the air. Riley looked over and saw the other team as well. Kowalski ran over to the cage and looked inside. Just like in his dream, Skipper had a meatal chuck stuck threw his chest. Private eyes were red and blood shot like he haven't slept in days, and Rico couldn't open his.
"KOWALSKI!" Private yelled in relief.
"Wa? WASkA!" Rico yelled too.
"Im here to save you!" kowalski said.
"Uh Kowalski" Riley said.
"I Missed आप all so much!"
"What?!?" Kowalski turned around...
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I प्यार this song!! XD
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damn sexy kowalski
Kowalski rose up off of Private to see blow whole taking off to the sky.
"Come on men! after that dolphin!" Kowalski heard behind him. Skipper was up and awake now, and the claw was no longer in him.
"Skippa!" Private cried and ran over to hug his commander.
"SKAPA" Rico also yelled and hugged him too.
"Skipper! your alright!" Kowalski said.
"Ofcorse I am, I wasn't going to let him kill me. But this is no time for a hug fest! We need to catch Blow whole!"
"Right!" Private कहा and they all ran off but Kowalski who just stood there.
"Whats the matter soldier!" Skipper asked. Kowalski hesitated...
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I made this because they are so cute with their brotherly relationship!
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