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Austin probably thought it was funny at the time, maybe even so amusing as to catch it on tape, however, what he did was to be blunt, unforgivable.
A little girl, went द्वारा the name Maddie had just got a kitten, about a महीना old, and so small, she could fit in the palm of your hand. (I do not know the name of the kitten, so I'll just call her Kate). Kate was fluffy, small, and like every other kitten, absolutely adorable.
But Austin, (being the little demon he is) decides it would be funny to kick the kitten. In fact, he kicked her twice to the point of Kate being all bloody and limping.This was in front of Maddie, who just realized what was happening. (Kate was an outdoor cat, and Maddie had her out to play and such, but know don't take your eyes off a kitten outside. Kate was near the side walk, and there comes Austin, strolling down the road. On with the story.)
Maddie stood in the yard, stunned with horror.
Kate is still alive, but her condition is horrid. She can barely walk, and she has horrible mental problems. Maddie, being the sweet girl she is (I प्यार her, she's like a little sister to me!) couldn't stand for having Kate put to sleep (She had learned from a friend that having an animal put to sleep meant killing it द्वारा cutting it's head off. I swear, kids are horrible. Sorry, I got sidetracked.) Anyway, so Maddie decided to keep Kate and treat her ever so kindly.
But we all know that both Maddie and Kate would have been much happier if Austin hadn't come along and kick a little kitten...
And to think, he did this all with a wide smile and an entertained laugh.
(Care to venture your thoughts? This is why I hate the kid so much...)
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