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 Sora and Roxas
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found half of these on tumblr
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This किंग्डम हार्ट्स चित्र might contain hip boot, thigh boot, lippizan, lipizzan, lippizaner, लिपिज़न, लिपिज़ेन, and लिपिज़नेर.

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Everyone finished shopping Axel had all new clothes, and was lucky to find briefs with the आग print pattern on them. Leon had gotten और colored briefs. Sora got some striped briefs, and some solid color. बादल got plain tighty whities. Riku got a mix of black and red briefs. But, poor Roxas had picked a store where all they had left were cartoon briefs. This was going to be a long “adventure”. Leon then कहा “When आप run out of underwear आप must buy और until the girls come back from their trip that is when the contest is over. हे and besides this will be a way to keep reflexes...
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Two of my प्रिय things, पैरामोर and Kingdom Hearts! Credit goes to dangerstrichards on यूट्यूब for creating it :)
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