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Do आप think there will be a sad moment in KH3, if yes what is your prediction?

Ok there have been a lot of sad moments in the kh series. I'll name a few from each game in the series:

khbbs: Ventus destroys his own दिल to stop Vanitas from wielding the x-blade. Aqua stays in the realm of darkness to save terranort. Terra becomes Terranort and forgets who he really is.

kh1: Well fun with goofy, donald and other डिज़्नी फ्रेंड्स aside, most of the plot for the entire game was sad. Sora loses his friends, Riku thinks Sora forgot about him and then joins the darkness. Kairi loses her दिल so Sora uses the KBoPH (try to get the abbreviation) to unlock hers but ends up becoming a heartless.

kh-com: Sora forgets Kairi and his memories are completely messed up. Riku is forced to deal with the darkness inside him but can't truly beat it.

kh2: Roxas fuses with Sora (that was kinda sad for me because Roxas was my fav character). Axel dies. Goofy's death (though he didn't really die it was a sad WTF moment).

kh365/2days: Roxas leaves Axel and the organization, Axel is sad. Axels confrontation with Xion in front of the Mansion in Twilight Town. Xion dies, then Roxas went on for the अगला दिन realizing he was forgetting her.

I didn't play kh3d so if आप can tell me of a sad moment if any. So pretty much though I can't tell if there will be a sad moment या not. If their is, compared to these it might be a little cliche.
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Roxasfanboy said:
I think Sora might “die" and then Riku would fall to his knees and start crying. And then perhaps he sacrifices himself to bring him back.
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tears-to-t said:
There will be one...I don't know what it will be but it WILL make me cry.
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