"Don't worry I'm still single. I don't go through girls like shoes. I'll wait until I find the right girl and keep her for a long time." - Kian Lawley

"I only live for two reasons.
1) I was born.
2) I haven't die yet" - Kian Lawley

"The people who matter, don't mind and the people who mind don't matter" -Kian Lawley

"It's okay to be a glow-stick; sometimes we need to break before we shine"- Kian Lawley

"There's an Ed Sheeran song for every emotion you're feeling"- Kian Lawley

"Crap, Valentines दिन is coming up. Time to start deciding on what I'll buy myself!" -Kian Lawley

"Guys don't care if आप have a thigh gap या not!" - Kian Lawley

"When I ask a girl out. I'll bring her a bag of 2 of my sweatshirts & 1 of my shirts to sleep in. Cause I know that's what all girls want."- Kian Lawley

"Sometimes the और आप get to know a person, the और attractive they become." - Kian Lawley

"Hey guys what's up its Kian!" - आप can guess who द्वारा now!