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This KH: Organization XIII चित्र might contain हस्ताक्षर, पोस्टर, पाठ, चॉकबोर्ड, साइन, साइन इन करें, ज्ञानतीठ, पढ़ने डेस्क, लेक्शर्न, रीडिंग डेस्क, लगान ज्ञानतीठ, पढ़ने के लिए डेस्क, कॉफी ब्रेक, चाय ब्रेक, and कॉफी तोड़ो.

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MAIN CHARACTERS: Gracie:aka:"roxasismine23" the "smart" one. she thinks about things before she says/does them. obsessed with Roxas. Quote:"I demand to meet Roxas!"(smart is in quotation marks because neither of them are actualy smart.) Steph:aka:"AxelsGirl15" the crazy one. she doesnt think, she just does what she feels like when she feels like it. obsessed with Axel. Quote:"oh, my god. Its a BOX! can i live in it?!?!" Roxas: well, lets just say he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. Quote: OH NO! the castles gone! now I realy AM a hobo!" Axel: as the oldest of the 4 he is almost like the...
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Well, now Jason really will meet the Organization.

Day 8: Jason meets the Organization: The गढ़, महल that never was: Larxene led Jason through the halls of the गढ़, महल on a dog's leash. After Larxene took the unconscious Jason through the dark corridor the दिन before, she forced him to sleep on the floor of her room. Today, she was going to introduce the Organization to her new slave boy. "remember," Larxene said, " you're not Jason anymore. You're slave boy." Jason looked up at her with his green eyes burning and said, "I'll get back at you." "Keep dreaming, kid," Larxene scoffed in a voice filled...
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"Welcome to the गढ़, महल that never was girls!" axel anounced as they exited the portal into a large white room.
"I प्यार आप गढ़, महल wall!" gracie cheered and hugged the nearest wall.
"I प्यार आप axel!" steph cheered and hugged the nearest axel.
"ack! let-go!" axel tried, once again, to pry steph off.
"Well, well" a voice कहा from behind them "might i ask who this girl your hugging is?"
axel turned to face saix.
"hugging?!? who कहा i was huging her?!? why WOULD i hug her?!?! shes always hugging me!! couldnt she just go and hug someone else!?! why do i have to be so amazing!!!"...
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"So. Bored!" Steph sighed. She was sprawled out on her बिस्तर staring at the castle's white cealing.
"I'm not!" Gracie chirped as she entered the room and made her way over to the wardrobe her on her side of the room. she was dressed in a ridiculous costume of leaves and twigs.
"what the heck are आप wearing!?!" steph questioned, sitting up to get a better look at her friend.
"I'm a bush!" she explained as she rumaged through her backpack she had stuffed into the back of the wardrobe, grateful that Axel had taken them back to their houses to get some personal...
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दिन 6:
Ughh. There was a yelp and that usually meant something was not right.

i went searching everywhere in the गढ़, महल all the way to the last floor. Walking down these stairs felt like forever sometimes.


As I got closer the Screaming started to increase into 2 voices,a man and a womens my first thought was Axel and Xion. i ran faster but still had alot of steps to go, when i relized i could just use my portal.

I stopped.

I cosentrated on the bottom floor where i wanted to be and opened my eyes and was there.
it was.... Zexion and Laurexene. Both surounded द्वारा heartless at least 100 या little...
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