After Breakfast Xion, Roxas, Deanxra, And Jaxson are going on the mission they were assigned.
Roxas: Okay everyone got your things ready
Jaxson: Sure
Deanxra: Yeah
Xion: Then let’s meet up with Saix for A briefing
Jaxson: द्वारा the way what the thing about Saix the Puppy-
Roxas: Don’t ask
Jaxson: What? But wh-
Roxas: look just don’t ask
Xion: Can we just meet Saix now
Roxas: Sure, come on
They found Saix
Saix : ah, yes the newcomer
Roxas: So you’re sending us to Olympus
Saix: Yes as usual collect as many hearts possible
Xion: yes easy enough
Saix: Alright go through the dark portal that leads to Olympus
They all went through the portal
Roxas: Alright let’s just विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें into two groups and …………….
Jaxson: (Hmmm A tournament Maybe I should शामिल होइए in)
Roxas: and now me and Deanxra?,Huh where did Jaxson go
Xion: Don’t know he was just here
Roxas: Well Then Uhhh, let’s just stick together
Deanxra: but what about him?
Roxas: let’s just go to the अंडरवर्ल्ड and खोजिए for heartless
Inside The arena
Announcer: And now we have our newcomer Jaxson, First Round go
Jaxson: Alright
The heartless the appears as the opponent
Jaxson: Heartless then this could be my lucky day
The fight is on, how will the tournament go and और importantly the mission?