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 ke$ha, March 23 - At Bondi समुद्र तट in Sydney
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केशा is the little cocoon that sang on Flo-rida’s “Right Round’ who one दिन transformed into a तितली filled with dollar sign plastered wings, and created a number one hit single “TiK ToK” with an album filled with A-list producers. Her and I chatted about the boy she’s currently stalking “Stephen” (which even brought influence to a track on her debut “Animal” ), her experiences in high school and how she feels about the outcome of her album release. Did I mention she was on “The Simple Life”” with Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton? Oh and she broke into Prince’s...
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How i meet the kesha आप प्यार and know today.
kesha was just a small town girl she didn't want all the jewelry and the fame and all that stuff she was simple. so one दिन i see this girl i thought she was cute i asked her her name she कहा kesha. I was like in my mind this girl is hot so i was like are आप new around here she कहा no i lived here for most of my life i was like why have i never seen आप around she कहा i work in my dad's bakery but आप could tell she did not like doing it she was like i wanna be a pop singer one दिन i was like can आप even sing she proved me wrong her singing...
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i have a दिल i swaer i do
but jst not baby when it comes to you
i get so hungry when आप say आप प्यार me
an आप know whats good for you

i think your hot i think आप cool your that kind of guy i stalk in school
but now that i'm fanous आप up my anus
now i'm ganna eat आप fool

i eat boys up breakfast and lunch then when i'm dersty i drink their blood
carnets for जानवर i am a cannable i eat boys up आप interup

i am cannable
cannable i am
i am cannable
i'll eat आप up I AM
i am cannable cannable cannable i am i am cannable cannable i'll eat आप up

you never tell me that i am pretty thats...
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