Isabel conjured her phone and noticed she had five missed calls, all from Heather, and two voicemails. She listened to them.
“Is, Castiel and Meg are here. Can आप please come as soon as आप hear this message? And please bring your gun”
“Seriously? Where the hell are you? Cas is here. What part of get here ASAP did आप not get? Don’t आप read the newspaper? He’s a lunatic. He’s killed four people already in less than 48 hours and if आप don’t hurry up I’m going to be next”
Isabel understood why Heather hadn’t called the police. They would find her stock and arrest her, but now Cas and Meg would probably kill her. She dialed Dean’s number and waited impatiently until he picked up.
“Dean Winchester”
“Hi, this is Isabel Roberts, I don’t know if आप remember me” Isabel started nervous.
“You’re the cop that arrested Cas” Dean कहा a little cold.
“I know where he is” Isabel quickly continued. “He’s at my cousin’s house. He’s torturing her and he’s going to kill her, unless I stop him”
“What’s the address?” Sam asked urgent. Dean had put the phone on speaker. Isabel gave him Heather’s address. “Okay, Isabel, आप go ahead, but don’t go inside. Wait for us”
“She’s my cousin” Isabel replied. “And I’m a cop. I can handle Castiel”
“No, आप can’t” Dean responded sharp. “Cas is not your everyday criminal”
“I’ll take my chances” Isabel कहा and she hung up. She started the engines and drove full speed ahead.