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posted by aneedham99
Sorta been a two way street
But आप never walked my way
I gave आप my everything
But आप didn't do what आप should've done
And left me halfway

So much for sticking it out
Guess it doesn't matter now
No difference with या without

Cause I was
Never a part of your group so
I'm gonna push on through it
You think I'm missing out on you
But I'll दिखाना आप what I can do
So thanks for giving up on me
Turns out it's just what I needed
To be,
A little और free

I never slowed my pace
Too scared of being erased
Kept me here running in place
So आप can keep it
Hear this
I don't need your name

So much for sticking it out
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posted by aneedham99
Hey आप with the blue eyes, baby
Have आप seen me here before
You got something they don't have
And I'm liking it और and more

And I try to let it go
But आप keep me coming back
And I try not to let it show
Oh, oh, oh

I wanna be the one that आप think of
When you're driving all alone
And आप will see आप can call me on the phone
Just so आप can say "Hey, you're my favorite,
Hey you're my प्रिय girl."

I don't really fall like this
And never come so easily
But with one look, I'm hooked
And I can't move, baby now you're all I see

And I try to let it go
But आप keep me coming back
Yeah I try not to let it show...
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posted by aneedham99
I told आप my heart’s leaning towards you,
A little और than I knew, something was scaring you.
Is it too much या too fast या too forward?
Should I step back and pretend I don’t feel this way?
Well I don’t wanna tell a lie, I don’t wanna have to hide.

It’s on the line
I’ve waited for a sign,
I see it in your eyes,
I, I know आप really feel the same.
I need to know if I should raise या fold,
My दिल is stuck on hold,
I, I wanna know which way to go.
I can’t प्यार alone, I can’t प्यार alone.

I tried not to fall so far for you,
Now I can’t get away from anything आप say.
You make me feel nervous...
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posted by aneedham99
Welcome to a new day
Don't know what's on the way
But whatever it is, I'll be ready
On your mark, get set go
Here's the दिखाना and the road
But with you, it's a load I can carry
And with each breath, I will take it
Every moment, gonna make it

It's a wonderful crazy
It's a beautiful out of control
Kinda scary amazing
But I don't really mind at all
It's like I'm falling, flying, laughing, crying
Hanging on and letting go
'Cause my life's so wonderful crazy

Some days get intense
And I break down my defense
But I'm here and I'm not giving up
Gonna take in the sights on the ride of my life
Living just to survive's not...
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posted by nicksteps
Every single day, I wanna tell आप how I feel
But I never get passed the तितलियों and I just don't know if I can deal
Are आप really into me, cause I know I'm into you
And I don't wanna take another step until आप say आप feel it too

And it looks like rain but that's alright with me
I'm standing here just looking for the chance to make आप see
Sometimes a little rain is all आप need
So let it come and wash all over me

You can ask my friends, they'll say I'm talking all the time
But whenever आप try to say hello, I freeze, and then आप say good-bye
But I'm not tryin' to be cool, it's just that I'm...
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posted by aneedham99
I’m lookin’ आगे not lookin’ back
I’m losin’ time not keepin’ track
I’m tryin’ to keep my दिल intact
I’m tryin’ to give what I get back.
I’m just a girl with crazy dreams
I see the sun in everything,
I hold onto what I believe like loving, trusting आप and me.

It’s good, everything will turn out like it should
I know that I’m gonna get it a little bit right, a little bit wrong
Still I’m gonna sing my song
It’s good, so good
Like it should be
Oh, like it should be

I see the world through brighter eyes
I find the beauty where it hides
I’m gonna keep that light alive
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