A GLOSSY magazine is under आग for allegedly slimming down Kate Middleton's waist for the cover of its royal wedding issue.
Kate's waist on the cover of Grazia in the UK appears much slimmer than the rest of her body and does not match other चित्रो taken on the day, which showed her with a much fuller waist.

Other publications all ran pictures of the fuller figured Kate - including the Australian edition of Grazia, which also featured Kate on the cover in her wedding dress.

The UK Grazia cover चित्र originally included Prince William holding onto Kate's arm and was altered to दिखाना Kate on her own in her wedding dress, the magazine admits it removed the Prince and retouched her arm but denies thinning her waist.

"Grazia prides itself on being a publication that champions women and women’s bodies, and we have no reason to make Catherine Middleton appear thinner," कहा a statement on the Grazia UK website.

"We know that many of our readers will be aware that it is common practice to retouch and enhance तस्वीरें to fit the style of a publication; both in tabloid and broadsheet newspapers and in magazines.

"However, in this instance, Grazia did not make any changes to the image of the Duchess of Cambridge in order to make her look slimmer than she is. We did, however, remove the Duke; and the Duchess' arm was adapted in order to fill in the resulting gap."

The image has sparked fresh वाद-विवाद over the portrayal of women in the media with many saying Kate had already लॉस्ट a significant amount of weight for her wedding day, some having कहा perhaps to much.