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bieber fever
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 just in bieber 19 years old
just in bieber 19 years old
justin bieber is an artist who has over 40 million twitter followers.
he was born on the 1 march 1994. his birth time was at 12:56am.
he was born at the stratford ontario in canada. justin bieber is currently 19 years old. he has a mother named Pattie Mallette. she writes पुस्तकें for living. he has a father named Jeremy Bieber.
he works at a bank for living ( a bank in new york ). his middel name is drew. he has a favourite colour which is Purple.
he has a sister named Jazmyn Kathleen Bieber which is currently 5 years old. he has a brother named Jaxon Julian Bieber which is currently 4 years old....
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posted by mrsjb923
I'm really good at acrostic poems so heres a justin bieber one, i luvvvvvv him!

J-ust a regular kid
S-ad that I've never met him! :(
T-o good to be true
I'-m in luvv with him!!!! <3
N-ever say never!!! woo hoo!!

B-orn to be somebody
I-gniting my life!
E-xtra hott
E-xpensive clothes
R-eally awesome!!!!!!

i luvv him so much and im actually starting to like selena gomez! u guys r perfect together! kinda! i luvv u so much biebs i hope u see this!!!!! i luv the pics of u ur so photogenic!
posted by zanesaaomgfan
Credit to: xJustinBieberLyrics

U Smile द्वारा Justin Bieber LYRICS!

Yeah heah yheah

I'd wait on आप forever and a day
Hand and foot
Your world is my world
Ain't no way you're ever gon' get
Any less than आप should
Cause baby
You smile I smile (ooh)
Cause whenever
You smile I smile
Hey हे hey

Your lips, my biggest weakness
Shouldn't have let आप know
I'm always gonna do what they say (hey)
If आप need me
I'll come running
From a thousand miles away
When आप smile I smile (ooooooooh whooooaaaa)
You smile I smile

Baby take my open दिल and all it offers
Cause this is as unconditional as it'll...
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posted by RnBStar13
 Justin Bieber♥
Justin Bieber♥
Ohh wooaah Ohh wooaah Ohh wooaah
You know आप प्यार me, I know आप care
Just shout whenever, And I'll be there
You are my love, आप are my दिल
And we will never ever-ever be apart

Are we an item. Girl quit playing
"We're just friends"
What are आप sayin?
said theres another and looked right in my eyes
My first प्यार broke my दिल for the first time,

And I was like
Baby, baby, baby ooh
Like baby, baby, baby noo
Like baby, baby, baby ooh
Thought you'd always be mine, mine

Baby, baby, baby oohh
Like baby, baby, baby noo
Like baby, baby, baby ohh
Thought you'd always be mine, mine

For you,i would...
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posted by bigchizz
    Justin Drew Bieber, 16 साल old pop singer has a whole career starting from आप Tube. Not only did JB win best male singer, song “One Time”, संगीत video “Baby”, male hottie, male newcomer, male style idol, and best celb site JustinBiberMusic.com but he’s every girls dream. Ever since अशर signed him (and almost Justin Timberlake) he is hitting the charts with his hits One Time and Baby. But he wasn’t always a superstar even though he’s always loved music. He used to be a boy from Stratford, Ontario, Canada, Living with his mom Pattie ever since his parents...
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posted by justweng
Name: Justin Drew Bieber
Nickname: Justin, Biebs, jb
Birthdate: March 01, 1994 (12:54 PM)
Age: 15 years old

Fave tv show: Smallville
Fave movie: Rocky
Fave food: Shaghetti
Fave Candy: खट्टा Patch Kids
Fave Cereal: Captain Crunch

Justin Bieber is a multi-talented boy from Stratford Ontario, Canada. This amazing boy knows how to play the guitar, piano, drums and the trumpet. Justin knows skateboarding and loves hockey..He wants to have a collaborative song with his celeb crush बियॉन्से Knowles.
Justin is rockin the world with his songs "one time" and "one less lonely girl", and now with his new album the "my world 2.00" with the carrier single "baby".
The world is watching out for आप Justin.. Make the world, your world..You deserve everything..

your number one fan: Justweng i <3 u
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