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Another groan escapes your lips and आप clutch your stomach as if to stop the pain. You’re lying in bed, wrapped up in your covers. As an attempt to soothe the pain, आप rock slightly back and forth. Nothing helps and आप let out a helpless wail again. After doing this, आप inwardly scold yourself for sounding like a sick whale.

You hear a chuckle from the door and whip your head around to glare at the person - already knowing too well who it belonged to. You’re met with Justin’s very amused face and आप send him a cold stare, letting him know that he was on his way towards deep water....
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With trembling fingers, आप reach for it and slowly lift it closer so it’s easier to inspect. Once आप trace your eyes over it, आप feel your heartbeat quicken. आप don’t know what to feel; happiness या fear. Tons of different feelings bubbles through your body and आप let out a shaky breath. What would Justin think? Would he accept it? All of the negative and and positive सवालों swarm your mind and you’re left helpless.

You come to the conclusion that आप need to tell him; आप need to tell him today. When आप glance up at the clock, your breath quickens again when आप realize that...
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