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Justin bieber is NOT sleeping with the women who work in his home, despite a new रिपोर्ट that previously debunked claim. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this. We’re told that he’s having sex with his employees is “completely false.”

According to OK!, when Bieber is “keen for female comfort without having to venture out into public,” he has sex with his own household staff. The tabloid कोट्स a supposed “former assistant” as saying that Bieber likes to “get it on with a few of the staff who work for him around the house.” The publication’s same dubious स्रोत claims Bieber was caught once sleeping with “a maid who was just a little older than Justin and had a hot body.” “He certainly seemed happy with himself” after having sex with the maid, alleges the outlet’s so-called source.

The publication ends its drivel द्वारा editorializing how Bieber’s “lucky he surrounds himself with such team players."

If these untrue claims sounds familiar, there’s good reasons. The tabloid is simply rehashing a wholly fabricated story that its sister publication, Star, printed earlier in the year. Suffice to say, the allegations about Bieber having sex with the staff in his घर weren’t true then, and they are still entirely wrong. A स्रोत close to the singer exclusively assures Gossip Cop the magazine’s contention that Bieber laid his maid and other employees is “completely false.”