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Kelly Clarkson-Walk Away

Leona Lewis Happy

Taylor Swift- Monologue

Adele: Chasing Pavements

Natalie Merchant- Jealousy

Sheryn Crow-Strong Enough

Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal

I Want To Hold Your Hand *Across The Universe*

All आप need is प्यार *Across the Universe*

Sugarland Keep आप ***FAVORITE SONG***

Miranda Lambert White Liar

Death Cab For Cutie- Meet Me At The Equinox

PCD Jai Ho for my nagel

Kelly Clarkson-NEVER AGAIN

Dave Matthews Band-Say Goodbye

Paramore-Misery Business

Kelly Clarkson-Already Gone

New Moon Trailer #3

Paula DeAnda-Walk Away

Lisa Loeb- Stay

The Electric Confectionaires- Piece of my दिल

पैरामोर That's What आप Get

Leona Lewis Bleeding प्यार

सूपरनॅचुरल Season 4 Bloopers LMAO

Johnny and June

It´s our एंजल bbay!!! CASTIEL!! part 2

It´s our एंजल bbay!!! CASTIEL!!

SYTYCD Bench Routine


ऐमिनैम 'Mocking Bird'

Kellie Pickler Best Days Of Your Life

Sugarland प्यार

Sugarland Joey

Linkin Park Numb

Sara Barellis Gravity...heart breaking

Mark and Chelsie from SYTYCD ***MY FAVORITE***

Kayla and Kupono from SYTYCD

Black Crows She talks to एंन्जल्स

Bon Jovi बिस्तर of गुलाब

Blue Foundation Eyes on आग

Jordin Sparks Battlefield

Lady Antibellum I was here

Taylor तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट Change

Enruque Iglesias Somebodys Me

If I fell in प्यार द्वारा the Beatles...fom the movie Across the Universe

PCD Beep (Makes me laugh EVERY time)

This weeks song...Gloriana The Way It Goes

bella's lullaby with lyrics

Every Time: Janet Jackson

Got till it's gone- Janet

The Calling द्वारा Regina Spektor

Janet...What about?? *One of my favorites*

All for you!!!

Janet Jackson Together Again

Defying Gravity, From Wicked

That's the way प्यार goes!!!

Janet Jackson Again

Hope आप don´t mind!! Goo Goo गुड़िया - Iris/ My fav संगीत ever

Janet Jackson: If **See comments***

Enanescence 'Hello'

Pink: Please don't leave me

Official New Moon Trailer

New Moon Movie (After party...kiss me)

New Moon Trailer *fan made*

Kristen Stewart on Bella हंस

New Moon My Immortal