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posted by augustbabe1999
I wacth Lady GAGA Just Dance Reactail on tv last night. It didnt even look like she was dancing. It was horrible. I tell आप she was rolling on the floor अभिनय like she was crying. When she danced to paparizzi the was to many flashing lights आप couldn't even she the dance. I laughed and laughed all thourgh the show. It was five hours long. I keaped wacthing it over and over and over again until I got tierd and went to bed. She कहा dancing comes from the hart and that she is a beatiful dancer. एमटीवी कहा she was wrong and blowed the deal to get on the अगला season of Dancing With The Stars. I was so sad. But if she does get on Dancing With The Stars आप know I will be wacthing and NOT voteing. लोल लोल लोल लोल लोल
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