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*If आप haven't seen the movie Hard कैन्डी (another Ellen Paige film which is a great movie!), then watch the film first या get details on about the film before पढ़ना this, because I don't wanna give spoilers to it. But if आप have seen it, then आप can read this. Maybe about the सेकंड time watching the film, आप may have noticed these small connections with each other.*

I was watching Hard कैन्डी for the सेकंड time one night, and noticed it had some similarities to Juno. Hard कैन्डी did come first before Juno, so Juno may have connections to it. I paused the movie and asked my parents if they...
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आप are the cheese to my macaroni
You are always there
You never do care
Even when my off beat ideas
Or if I messed up on गिटार playing
You never make fun of me
You always clap and cheer
Even if the crowd boos and jeers
You'll be like the only one clapping and loving it.
I प्यार it that आप need me
I प्यार it that I need you
A तारीख, दिनांक with me is like going to the playground and talking
And a तारीख, दिनांक with आप is like so real, so calm
Others say we're so unromantic
I just tell them to stick it up and shut it up
While आप give them the bird.
Eric and Donna could have never been this way
Because we never fight या yell...
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diablo cody
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all i want is आप
barry louis
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He's hilarious!
rainn wilson
jason reitman
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One of the deleted scenes from Juno.
deleted scene
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