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*If आप haven't seen the movie Hard कैन्डी (another Ellen Paige film which is a great movie!), then watch the film first या get details on about the film before पढ़ना this, because I don't wanna give spoilers to it. But if आप have seen it, then आप can read this. Maybe about the सेकंड time watching the film, आप may have noticed these small connections with each other.*

I was watching Hard कैन्डी for the सेकंड time one night, and noticed it had some similarities to Juno. Hard कैन्डी did come first before Juno, so Juno may have connections to it. I paused the movie and asked my parents if they have noticed the them, and they said,"It's probably just a coincidence, don't worry about it." Yet, I feel like they maybe, maybe not. But, I'll just दिखाना the differences first, but then why I feel like they have some sort of connection with each other.

Hard कैन्डी 2005/thriller:

* It is और dramatic and suspenseful

* आप can't tell who's really the good या bad guy

* It completely leaves आप hanging

* There is a small group of cast members, no huge crowd of actors out in the streets या anything.

*It has one main setting

*The teen and adult in the film practically try to go all Itchy and Scratchy on each other

*The teen in the movie is a genius

*They make the adult look dumb, yet smart at the same time. They make the adult imperfect, yet he has a hard past, making आप feel bad, yet wonder if that's why he's so messed up.

*You never know if he's really pedophile या not

*Haley makes us think that she may not even be who she told Jeff that she really was.

Juno 2007/Comedy/Drama:

* Juno is a funny sweet sarcastic cute person, unlike Haley in Hard Candy

* Juno tries to be the adult and admits that she can't take care of the child she's carrying

* She has a tight and sweet bond with her best friend, who is the father of her child

* How she sees the world isn't very negative

* Though she may not be the smartest person around, she does try to take her situation very maturely.

*It shows that Juno has a दिल and that she can't give up the baby for adoption, and is afraid if she sees the baby या has connections with it, she'll regret giving it up.

*The movie shows Juno's family, friends, and everyone else that she has some sort of bond with.

*The actors in this movie are और noticed and recognizable.

* It shows sweetness and love, and it's और realistic with feelings and emotions of being a pregnant teen, of how hard it is and emotional it is.

* It has और संगीत in the soundtrack.

Okay, those are few of the many examples, but here's how both of the फिल्में have something in common:

* Both Juno and Haley wear red jackets

* Jeff "hung" himself in Hard Candy, and Juno tries to hang herself with a licorice कैन्डी rope, but fails.

* Both teens in both फिल्में deal with some sort of flirtation या desire of an older man. Haley on the other hand lured Jeff in और than anything, but Jeff let her flirt, make alcoholic drinks, took her into his house, met her in person द्वारा herself and flirted right back. Juno may have actually had a crush on Mark. Mark was just either confused या had a fascination with Juno. He gave her a comic book with a pregnant superhero on it, slow danced with her, watched horror फिल्में with her while his wife was away, and Juno would brag about him and even put make up on whenever she went over to his house.

*Mark and Jeff both have some type of perverted ways to them. Jeff had half naked underage girls on his walls from his photography, and if आप pay close attention in Juno, Mark is on a pornographic website. Some may even feel that Mark giving the comic book to Juno या letting her be alone with him is wrong. But both guys have some sort of perverted sexual way to them.

*Both Haley and Juno go to a different house for a long period of time without their parents knowing. With Haley, आप don't exactly know since she lies, but since they दिखाना Juno's life they दिखाना how Brenda is upset that she's gone all the time.

* Both of the girls have somewhat of a sweet tooth. Juno drinks large amounts of slushies and Haley at the beginning of Hard कैन्डी was ordering a lot of cake and मिठाई treats, just eating them constantly.

Okay, these are all that I can think of right now, but if आप think it's all a coincidence, that's fine, I kinda think that too. Yet, at the same time I see small connections with each other. They're both Ellen Paige films of course, but other than that, I saw small similarities to each other. I maybe missing some, but for now this was all I could think of at the moment for this. Maybe there is a connection, not sure, but I just thought of this and felt that I had to write this out. ;)!
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I've seen this movie out of the corner of my eye on my laptop many times. Spider-Man 3 and Dark Knight as well. So I have lots of opinions about Juno. Here's what I liked.

1) Alison Janney's character was the best concept in the script. The idea that she's disrespected and regarded as ineffectual and a nuisance until the दिन there's actually something going on that she should be on the ball for. And damned if she is. What a nice metaphor for what Moniq was saying.

2) Juno's friend is so fine. Honest to blog.

3) The storyline with the Lorings fit in no other movie except Juno. A major strength...
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interview with ellen page and diablo cody on the movie juno on MuchOnDemand
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