आप are the cheese to my macaroni
आप are always there
आप never do care
Even when my off beat ideas
या if I messed up on गिटार playing
आप never make fun of me
आप always clap and cheer
Even if the crowd boos and jeers
You'll be like the only one clapping and loving it.
I प्यार it that आप need me
I प्यार it that I need you
A तारीख, दिनांक with me is like going to the playground and talking
And a तारीख, दिनांक with आप is like so real, so calm
Others say we're so unromantic
I just tell them to stick it up and shut it up
While आप give them the bird.
Eric and Donna could have never been this way
Because we never fight या yell at each other.
आप are the wheels to my bicycle
Like an awesome चेरी red bike at Christmas.
आप never talk down to me
आप never say that I should wear this या that
आप never hurt me in anyway.
We both प्यार the same things in different ways
If a guy makes fun of me
आप don't go all big and bad and beat him up
आप just stay calm and outsmart him in your coolest ways
I प्यार आप Paulie Bleeker
I प्यार आप और than Sunny-D and nature
I प्यार आप और than life
But please let's not become all lovey dovey.
Even if we kiss
We'll still play पंच each other in the arms
And go and watch The Exorcist while listening to Kimya Dawson music
आप are the socks to my feet
If people and stupid teenage sucky vampire novels can't see that
Then they can't see what true romance is
It's loving and caring for whoever आप wanna spend the rest of your life with
Not all kisses, dirty stuff, fights and break ups
It's also admitting that आप can प्यार your best friend and take things slow and caring for each other.
People may not see what a great guy आप really are.
I can and all the नारंगी, ऑरेंज tic tacs in the world can't change my mind.
Like I said
आप are the cheese to my macaroni
My number one fan
And I really do प्यार you.