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 Demi and Joe 2012
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~Eli's P.O.V.~
I'm standing here in the dark where nobody can see me.I know they miss me,but I can't go back EVER!I used to be normal,a mortal.Now everything's different.Every time I get hungry my eyes turn bright red.Fangs sprout and I have to drink blood,I turn into a blood sucking monster leech.Most of the time I play it सुरक्षित and drink animal blood from the woods,but every now and then I lose control and get human blood.The foolish humans should not come into the woods.They're so stupid.I get human blood in the first place द्वारा the dumb humans who get ब्रेव and go into the "haunted" forest.They...
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posted by DemiJones
This is made up. It doesn't have dates या a timeline, they are just बिना सोचे समझे thoughts. Sorry they end off so suddenly but I ran out of ideas. Please feel free to add some और twitters in your comments.

Ok so I am like so freaking happy right now. It is not everyday that a girl married her Prince Charming.;)

Mrs Demi Jonas. Mr and Mrs Joe Jonas. Sorry just practicing. :)

Feels like a dream but please don't pinch me या I might wake up and then seriously be mad at whoever woke me up.

This is a दिन I wished would never end and would go on forever.

My checks hurt from all the smiling I have been doing...
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posted by DemiJones
Title: The Road to Love
Pairing: Jemi
Rating: G
Characters: Joe and Demi
Author's Note: I don't own anybody. Please review. Sorry if I spelled Demi's mom's last name wrong.
Summary: Joe's thoughts about not being able to दिखाना the world of his प्यार for his lady.

"Ok so I have read from पुस्तकें and heard from other people that the road to प्यार never runs smoothly. But I didn't believe it until now. I thought that when I had found my one true love, my heart's desire that we would confess our प्यार for each other then announce our प्यार to our family, close फ्रेंड्स and the world and we wouldn't have to...
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posted by DemiJones
Ok so I am so sick and tired of people who are suppose to be प्रशंसकों of Jemi say that they are losing their faith because of some of the rumors and stuff that are being said. An example is Kevin's suppose to interview saying that the Jones and LovatoDeLarazo family are not spending time together until Joe and Demi can find out if they want to spread their friendship into a relationship.

I am and will always be a Jemi fan, no matter what shit I hear या read from gossip and interviews. I know in my दिल that gossip people are trying to stir up shit about Jemi in order for Joe या Demi to get frustrated...
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