Jeff the killer Which Song Would Make Sense As Jeff's Theme Song? (LISTEN TO ALL SONGS BEFORE MAKING DECISION!!!) ((links in comments))

Pick one:
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These) द्वारा Marilyn Manson
Hahahaha द्वारा Twiztid
Kill Everyone द्वारा Hollywood Undead
Scream द्वारा Avenged Sevenfold
You're Going Down द्वारा Sick पिल्लें
Bodies द्वारा Drowning Pool
Knives and Pens द्वारा Black Veil Brides
Count Bodies Like भेड़ द्वारा A Perfect वृत्त
Bonfire द्वारा Building 429
Monster द्वारा Skillet
Madness In Me द्वारा Skillet
Circus For a Psycho द्वारा Skillet
Sick of It द्वारा Skillet
Freakshow द्वारा Skillet
Misery Loves My Company द्वारा Three Days Grace
Break द्वारा Three Days Grace
Animal I Have Become द्वारा Three Days Grace
Let आप Down द्वारा Three Days Grace
Death Of Me द्वारा RED
Fight Inside द्वारा RED
Overtake आप द्वारा RED
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