हे everybody!So ummm I'm new and no hate टिप्पणियाँ and I want lots of fans.So आप should know little bit about me.



3.I प्यार Arizona Tea!

4.Love to स्केट board!

5.I go द्वारा many nick names.My real name is bryanna but people call me devon,b,bry,anna,brybry, and many more.

Ok,that's enough so आप can read और about me when I do fanfics about Jc या JB.(Justin Bieber)
So today I wanted to talk about how cute Jc is.Well it is not really an लेख so it is kinda of me telling आप of how much I think how jc is.I like the way his hair is to the side.His eye color a sharp but soft brown his nose so cute.

k,bye I know it was short but hate studying!!Teachers are mean these days! Kay bye!!