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is this a प्यार song?? Sorry that its rap, alex!
Shes so pretty! no wonder why my cousin was named after her!
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Well um does this fit into the प्यार catergory लोल :P
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Although I dont know very much about my sisters relationship with Alex it seems like they प्यार eachother very very very much. I see that they care about eachother and wouldnt want to hurt eachother. They प्यार and value each others well being. They are a couple I predict that will last a very long time they say I प्यार आप only when they mean it.
As a Jordan Crosswire that I am if नीलकंठ, जय, जे loves him then I प्यार him all I care about is Jays happiness and now I also care about Alex's happiness oh well also Bee's too लोल But I am very glad that नीलकंठ, जय, जे has found Alex because I wouldnt like to see नीलकंठ, जय, जे hurt like I have been with Deante :P प्यार yall <3
A lonely road, crossed another cold state line
Miles away from those I प्यार purpose hard to find
While I recall all the words आप spoke to me
Can't help but wish that I was there
Back where I'd प्यार to be, oh yeah

Dear God the only thing I ask of आप is
To hold her when I'm not around
When I'm much too far away
We all need that person who can be true to you
But I left her when I found her
And now I wish I'd stayed
Cause I'm lonely and I'm tired
I'm missing आप again oh no
Once again

There's nothing here for me on this barren road
There's no one here while the city sleeps
And all the shops are closed
Can't help...
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added by TeamSongz4eva
how do yall like this song??? i cant even hear the words????
I'll Give All My प्यार To आप (1990)

Ooh, baby, baby, baby
My, my, my, my baby, yeah, girl
Oh, I प्यार you, baby
Ooh, yes, I, yes, I do, girl

I प्यार आप in the night
I'm gonna take it real, real slow (Ooh, my baby)
I understand what आप told me
And if I didn't know

I always wanted someone just like you
I really to hold you
I'd give the world to you, oh, my darline
You know I will, yeah, yeah, आप know I will, I surely will

I will never do anything to hurt आप (I wouldn't do one single thing to you, babe)
I'll give all my प्यार to आप (Gonna give every bit of my love, my love)
And if आप need me,...
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I'm not your woman
I'm not your man
I am something that U'll never understand
I'll never beat U
I'll never lie
And if U're evil I'll forgive U by and by

Cuz U - I would die 4 U, yeah
Darlin', if U want me 2
U - I would die 4 U

I'm not your lover
I'm not your friend
I am something that U'll never comprehend
No need 2 worry
No need 2 cry
I'm your messiah and you're the reason why


U're just a sinner I am told
Be your fire when U're cold
Make U happy when U're sad
Make U good when U are bad
I'm not a human, I am a dove
I'm your conscience, I am love
All I really need is 2 know that U believe (Yeah)

I would die 4 U, yeah
Darlin', if U want me 2
U - I would die 4 U

Yeah, say it one more time

U - I would die 4 U (U)
Darlin', if U want me 2
U - I would die 4 U
2 3 4 U

I would die 4 U
U - I would die 4 U
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lyrics to I Stay In प्यार / Mariah Carey

Oh baby
Baby, I stay in प्यार with you

Dying inside 'cause I can't stand it
Make या break up
Can't take this madness
We don't even really know why
All I know is baby
I try and try so hard
To keep our प्यार alive

If आप don't know me at this point
Then I highly doubt आप ever will
I really need आप to give me
That unconditional प्यार I used to feel
It's a mistake if we just erase it
From our hearts and minds and I know

We कहा let go
But I kept on hanging on
Inside I know it's over
You're really gone
It's killing me
'cause there ain't nothing
That I can do
Baby, I stay in love...
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lyrics to There Goes My Baby / Usher

There goes my baby
(oo girl look at you)
You don't know how good it feels to call आप my girl
There goes my baby
Loving everything आप do
Oo girl look at you

Bet आप ain't know that I be checking आप out
When आप be putting your heels on
I swear your body's so perfect baby
How आप work it baby yea
I प्यार the way that आप be poking it out
Girl give me something to feel on
So please believe we gone be twerking it out
By the end of the night baby

I've been waiting all दिन to लपेटें my hands
Around your waist and किस your face
Wouldn't trade this feeling for nothing
Not even for...
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lyrics to One प्यार / Trey Songz

You know I have to be honest
It's like for the first time in my life,
My pride is not a problem
I'm not afraid
I'm not afraid to tell आप girl,
That I प्यार you
Believe that
And if I cant have you,
I don't know what ima do
Listen to me

So many people never find the one
That's why I really wanna tell आप somethin'
I really think this is it for me
I really think you're the one I need
Cause baby I done had 'em all
I don't want nobody but you
Yeh, Oh darlin'

Baby let me break it down
See, we livin' in a lonely world
Aint आप tired of the runnin' 'round?
Don't आप wanna be my only girl?...
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