Dear Jay,

This is rather wierd for me. Anyway, I'm लेखन to आप in regard to my son. He is such a real good kid on the inside and out. My family has gone through a very tough time in the past few years. I'll explain, My birthday is December 4th just as yourself. Also my son's father's birthday was December 4th unfortunately he was killed in 2002 in upstate N.Y. Since then I've been trying to rebuild my family stronger than ever. This has not been an easy task as आप could imagine. I enrolled back into school and graduated from LPN school, I'm now working on my RN. This past साल has been un imaginable for my family. I लॉस्ट a child to teenage suicide Nov, 25th 2008. My son has shown such strength it is amazing to me. I tell him often how proud I am of him, but at times I wish I could do more. He never asks for much and he is very giving. I thank God for all four of my children even the superstar that has gone to a better place. God has blessed me in many ways and I'm sure he is not done. My sons father was such a big प्रशंसक of yours it was insane. My son listens to your संगीत all the time. I would appreciate if possibly आप could send my son some प्रशंसक club items. I know he would cherish them greatly.

Thank You,

December 4th