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Some और हाल का pictures :)
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This Jason Mraz चित्र contains गिटारवादक, गिटार खिलाड़ी, गिटार प्लेयर, सीमा टोपी तस्वीर, स्नैप ब्रिम टोपी, स्नैप सीमा टोपी, फेडोरा, महसूस किया टोपी, homburg, स्टेटसन, trilby, टोपी, होम्बर्ग, स्टेट्सन, त्रिलबी, fedora, लगा टोपी, and stetson. There might also be मांझी, लिवोमो, पनामा, पनामा टोपी, नाविक, पौना, पुआल टोपी, बोएटर, लेघोर्न, पैनामा, पैनामा टोपी, स्किमर, स्ट्रॉ टोपी, मांझी का, लिए, भूसे टोपी, porkpie, porkpie टोपी, पोर्कपी, पोर्कपी टोपी, ऊदबिलाव, अरंडी, बीवर, and एरंडर.

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Jason’s blog posted
On January 16th, 2011
At 1:42 PM

Lizards. The प्रिय snack of my cat. I’m tempted to अपलोड a video of him eating all but the tiny toxic bit, what I make up must be a छिपकली large intestine. It’s anything but large – these lizards aren’t dinosaurs, they’re the garden variety. 6, 8 inches max.

The January weather has come back around to the way I प्यार it so in San Diego. Our equivalent to winter is wetness and that seems to have all dried up. Warmth becomes us and the lizards emerge to the concrete surfaces, lifting their heads high, gazing directly...
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LJ Benet sings Jason Mraz cover -- I'm Yours
jason mraz
lj benet
i'm yours cover
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I'm totally loving this. I know there is a weird thing happening around 3:10 but this version is just too awesome. I had to share! Jason talks about his latest tattoo at the end.
jason mraz
we sing
we dance
we steal things
i'm yours
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