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This जेकब ब्लैक चित्र might contain पोशाक उदास, पोशाक गोरों, ड्रेस ब्लूज़, ड्रेस सफेद, उदास पोशाक, सफेद पोशाक, वरदी, रेजीमेंटल्स, regimentals, पूरी पोशाक वर्दी, and पूर्ण पोशाक वर्दी.

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Starting Over

I was at the airport waiting. My flight was delayed due to weather conditions. I figured I’d better call घर and let my mom know I was going to be late. As I dialed the phone, I was thinking about the last time I had seen my parents. I wasn’t told what the outcome was of my fight with my father. I nervously waited as the phone rang.
“Hey Mom, its Nessie.”
“Hey, honey! Are आप calling from the plane?”
“No, my flight was delayed.”
“Oh…well that’s okay honey. I’ll pick आप up from the airport. Just call me when you’re in the air so I know...
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