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breaking dawn part 2
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As I was falling in the darkness, तस्वीरें started to appear द्वारा my face. They were तस्वीरें of all the times me and Jacob had spent together when Edward was gone and how happy I felt. I knew that without him I would be nothing but also without Edward it would be the same. Then I slammed onto the ground with a loud thud and snapped awake. Apparently it was all a dream. i never made that call to Jacob and I never was waiting for Edward. I saw the pale sun barely peeking out from behind the mountains and then I knew what I had to do.

When I started hiking up the mountain, I took one last...
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Part 18 continues from part 17

My phone started to vibrate I pick it up.
“You know आप can come in”
“Jake?!?!?” I said. I glance back at the house to see him sitting on the porch with his phone द्वारा his ear.
“Yeah, it’s your house as well as mines, आप can come in and check it out” he said. He sounded sad.
“I don’t know Jake, it’s gonna be weird” I said.
“No it won’t I never feel weird around you” he said.
I smiled, blushing a little as well. “Okay I will” I कहा hung up my cell and pulled into the driveway. He walked towards my car as I got out. I so badly just wanted...
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 Jacob's and Keila's house
Jacob's and Keila's house
Heyyyyy hope u are enjoying my mini series When will he Notice? The Keila and Jacob Story. Here's Part 17 he continues from part 16. ENJOY!!

“I don’t need fact when I saw it from my own eyes, Edward’s the fool for staying with a कुतिया, मतलबी like you” I ranted.
“Keila, Please stop, आप don’t know what you’re talking about” कहा Jake.
“Oh sure protect her” I said.
“Keila there is no need for this” कहा Edward.
“How could आप say that Edward, do आप know what she is feeling” कहा Marco in my defense.
“Yeah, man she has been lied to” कहा Ernie.
“Listen आप guys don’t know...
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हे guys, okay im going to take a little break, but this mini series isnt over, I just been real busy, but i will be back soon and contiune where i felt of. :)

“Hey Leah” I कहा trying to catch my breath; she hugged me so hard I couldn’t breathe.
“GUY’S KEILA IS UP!” she shouted out the चोटी, शीर्ष of her lungs.
I heard the roaring sound of the pack running up the stairs then there was a tumbling sound, I overheard Embry laughing “What a tumble” he said. “That wasn’t funny” I heard Quil say. Then my door flew open, Adam rushed over and hugged me. “Thank goodness you’re okay”...
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Hmmmmmm now that some mysterys are answered i wonder what's next......Will Jake and Bella continue to be friends, will Edward and Keila find out????? Time will tell lolllll sorry just having a little fun, hope आप enjoy chapter 34.

“Yeah, he was, every time he had to go he would tell me “Biscuit uncle Halian is coming right back, and when आप wake up in the morning go to your rocking chair, there will be a teddy भालू for you, that’s how आप know I’m back” and every time I would wake up and run to my rocking chair, and there would be a new teddy bear, but the last time there wasn’t,...
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Heyyyyyyyyyy i'm backkk with chapter 45!!!! lollll, well i hope आप like it :)

“Sam when are we going to have a baby?” she asked as she leaned on him.
“Ummmmm………not now” he said. Emily sucked her teeth.
“Don’t rush it, it will happen” I कहा trying to comfort her.
“Yeah Em I want a baby I really do but with all this happening right now isn’t safe” कहा Sam.
“Yea your right” Emily agreed.

Keila was back to her old self after a few days. I decided to go pass द्वारा to Edwards to see how he was doing with the break up, since I had a quick break from the shop. I pulled...
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Hereeeeeeeee'ssss Chapter 37....this one maybe a little boring its kinda a meeting going on, hope u guys enjoy it tho लोल :)

She gently passes him to me, I watched as she went upstairs for a little nap. I sat back down on the sofa and stared at my son.
“Your mom thinks आप look like her, but I think आप look like your dad” I कहा to him.
He wrapped his little fingers around mine. “You know आप the best thing that happened to आप mom and I” I said.
“I would do anything for आप and for your mom, cause where a family now” I कहा but I was suddenly interrupted द्वारा a knock on the...
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 Halian Waterfall's
Halian Waterfall's
Here's part 33.....hopefully it explains a little more.... :)

“We don’t know, but maybe my grandfather could explain more” I said.

We made our way my car, the car was quite and awkward. I really wanted to know how she met Edward; to me it didn’t make any sense, how didn’t any of the Cullen’s know about Amanda and Edward yet alone a kid in the mix. Just then I heard Amanda chuckle, “I’m a vampire like my mother, I could read mines” she said.
“I’m sorry” I said.
“I don’t blame आप for being curious, but the truth of the matter is that Carlisle is close family doctor and...
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Chapter 48 hope आप enjoy it :)

I opened the door to see Seth and Leah, I let out a scream.
“It’s us, Jacob sent us to watch over you” he said.
“You guys scared me” I said.
“Sorry about that” he said. Just then I saw Emily running towards us.
“Let’s go to my house, they don’t have my scent” she said. We made it to her house and watched out the window for any sudden movements.
“What’s going on?” I whispered.
“The Volturi came to try to kill Renesmee” whispered Emily.
“WHAT!?!?” I exclaimed.
“Shhhhhh” Leah placed her fingers over her lip. “Not so loud”...
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