Nikki’s POV
I was in my house alone, when the door घंटी, बेल rang, it was Kristen she’s my bff, since we were in a movie together.
-Hi Kris!
Kris is really shy! She doesn’t speak too much, but she’s also really friendly, she’s always there for her friends!
I प्यार talking to her! She’s a good listener!
-Why did आप call me, dear? - She sat in my bed
-I wanna talk to you…
-Is about him again, right?
-Nikki, forget this fucking boy!! – I have a crush on Kellan, and it isn’t healthy for me because I know he would never प्यार me!
-Kristen आप fell for Rob and I supported you!
-Because he fell for me too! And now we are dating!
-You can’t be mad at me because I fell for him…
-I’m not mad! But this isn’t healthy!
-I know…
-Nikki, आप know he is dating Ashley… They’re in love… - she कहा sadly
-Yeah! – I started to cry when the memory came to my mind…

“-Hey girls, guess what! I’m dating Kellan! Isn’t that awesome?
-Yes Ashley - I कहा almost crying, I couldn’t believe in my ears, I knew she loves him, but I wasn’t sure about him… - It’s awesome”

-Maybe आप should hang out with Taylor! आप know he likes you! He’s healthy for you! He’s really hot!
-Kris, are आप crazy? No way! I’m not going to तारीख, दिनांक Tay! I don’t प्यार him! And he’s too young! I know he’s hot, but that’s not enough!!
-Well, आप really should think about it!
-So why don’t we go to a nightclub? आप can meet a nice guy and maybe forget about Kellz!
-Yeah…It sounds cool!