Jackie is introduced in the pilot episode primarily as Michael Kelso's girlfriend. She likes to give सलाह which often sounds typically thoughtless and superficial, but turns out to be unnervingly correct (such as during "Battle of the Sexists" in Season 1, when she tells Donna that Eric will never be her boyfriend if she doesn't let him win at things). Though she begins as rich, spoiled, stupid, and irritating, over time she is और accepted द्वारा the rest of the gang. After her breakup with Kelso in Season 2, Jackie keeps hanging out in Eric's basement, a sign that her status has grown. These gradual changes make her character develop a defined character arc. However, she still heavily keeps part of her valley girl persona intact and she still looks at herself as the perfection of what a woman should be. Even though द्वारा the last episode she has only kissed four people on-screen, she is made to sound like a slut. In the last वृत्त Fez tells Eric, "I have kissed Jacqueline Burkhart" to which Hyde replies, "So has everybody else," although he may just have been referring to those in the circle.During the first season, Jackie is in her sophomore साल of high school, making her approximately 15 years old. She appoints herself Donna Pinciotti's best friend. Due to her extreme haughtiness, Jackie believes Donna is unattractive compared to herself, and also boring - but as she states in numerous episodes, she believes Donna could do much better than Eric (though in the Season 7 finale, Jackie reveals that she has always cared for Eric as a friend, as Jackie calls to talk to Eric specifically for the first time ever). Despite their extremely different personalities, Donna decides to play big sister to Jackie and often tries to look out for her when she feels Jackie is making a mistake, और often than not due to her lack of common sense. Sometimes Jackie is the voice of reason for Donna, as evidenced in the Season 2 episode किस of Death, the same episode in which Jackie realized that Kelso was cheating on her. After her father was sent to prison in the middle of Season 5, she moved in with Donna and the two became best friends.

Jackie has a bumpy friendship with Eric. Although she is the प्रिय of Red's, Eric dislikes her, and makes no attempt to hide this. They became even less fond of each other when Eric blackmailed her (for चुंबन the cheese guy), and Eric continued to dislike her. They did have their moments, such as when Eric convinces Jackie she's right for Kelso (ironically, they break up soon after). Jackie, according to Eric, makes fun of "us (he and Donna), fat girls, या me," making her dislikable.

Jackie also has a friendship with Red. Early on, Red remarked she was the प्रिय of Eric's फ्रेंड्स (even though she isn't Eric's friend) for her ability to operate on a car. Jackie has run crying to Mr. Foreman's arms no less than three times, two of which he didn't object to. Red doesn't seem to mind Jackie, often taking her side in arguments.When the दिखाना debuted, Jackie was dating Michael Kelso, an attractive, but dim-witted, partyboy. The two लॉस्ट their virginity to each other after Kelso and his फ्रेंड्स got out of jail for riding in a car that was mistaken for being stolen. Jackie gets on Kelso's friends' nerves on a daily basis and Kelso repeatedly कहा that he was going to break up with her. But Jackie beat him to it and broke up with him after catching him चुंबन Pam Macy. However, they got back together in the very same episode. Jackie later broke up with Kelso again after a pregnancy scare, but they got back together later at the Junior Prom.

In Season 2, Kelso began an affair with Eric's promiscuous sister, Laurie, about which Jackie eventually found out and subsequently broke up with him again. Following his subsequent breakup with Laurie, Jackie decided to test Kelso to see if they should get back together, which they did. Kelso remained loyal to Jackie after that and stayed with her throughout Season 4. However, when Kelso began to neglect Jackie as a result of his joining a modeling agency, she was caught द्वारा Eric चुंबन her boss. Kelso eventually found out, and went to ambush Jackie's boss. However, Jackie's boss was a blackbelt and easily beat Kelso up. This event results in a period of discovery for Jackie and Kelso; Kelso realizes he cheated because Jackie always insulted him and made him feel bad about himself. As a result, he broke up with her because he felt he couldn't be with someone who made him feel like that. It didn't last, as they got back together shortly after.

Then in the Season 4 finale, Jackie asked Kelso to marry her, but Kelso freaked out and left for California with Donna. When he returned in the beginning of Season 5 he found out that Jackie had moved onto Hyde, which made him extremely jealous, and he spent the majority of the season trying to get her back. द्वारा the beginning of Season 6 however, Kelso had claimed to be over Jackie and was fine with just being फ्रेंड्स with her. At the end of Season 7 however, Kelso drives Jackie to Chicago after her break-up with Hyde, and they nearly have sex together, but Hyde showed up and Kelso ran off. In Season 8, he considered marrying Jackie, claiming that he did still प्यार her, before he was offered a job in Chicago, but Fez had already told her about his proposal, which made him feel he should do so, but she eventually turned him down, much to his own pleasure.

Jackie and Steven Hyde were, from the beginning of the show, polar opposites and even enemies. While Jackie was girly, rich, and shallow, Hyde was the rebel and conspiracy theorist of the group. They strongly disliked each other during the first seasons, but Hyde began helping Jackie after her break-up with Kelso in Season 2. This eventually led to a phase in which Jackie was infatuated with Hyde, but her feelings gradually faded and it wasn't until Season 5, when Kelso was in California, that their romance really began. After watching too much of The Price is Right, the two began making out. At first they did not want to admit that they were dating, but finally gave in. They dated for the most part of Season 5, but Hyde's jealousy got him to cheat and they broke up.

Jackie's relationship with Hyde caused her to be less self-absorbed, making her और likable to the rest of the gang, and caused them to truly consider her a part of the group.

At the beginning of Season 6, Kelso and Hyde were in competition to get Jackie back, because they both still loved her. She decided she needs time to think about it, and left them both hanging, but chose Hyde in the end. Their relationship went on for two और seasons, until Jackie was offered a job in Chicago. She went to Hyde and told him that she would stay if he gave her any indication they would eventually get married. Hyde didn't have an answer, but when he did, she was already gone. या so he thought. Jackie had no way out of Point Place, so in one last attempt to get an answer out of the man she कहा 'meant everything in the world to her,' she went over to the basement. Hiding his hurt and anger that she'd "left" him, Hyde told her to have a good trip.

But merely an episode later, Hyde had decided he was going to get her back. But there, he'd hit a snag. In the middle of his conversation with Jackie, Kelso walked into the hotel room with a towel around his waist and a bucket of ice in his hands. Depressed, Hyde went to Vegas and married a stripper in a moment of drunken stupor. After learning this, Jackie broke the last of their relationship off.

Throughout Season 8, Jackie remained single. Kelso proposed to her, but she eventually refused. At the end of the season, Jackie realized Fez had all the qualities she was looking for in a man and they किस in the finale.

Jackie's feelings about each of these relationships come out in the eighth season: She thought Kelso was too inconsiderate, and she felt that she could never keep a relationship with him if she knew he didn't प्यार her; she felt Hyde was heartless, bitter, but she immediately टिप्पणियाँ that he was rugged and a good person inside; she thought Fez had all the perfect qualities of a boyfriend (which she had stated in season four).