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This song reminds me of the pain and all the terrible feelings and stuff I felt :'(
posted by GirlzRule312
There was one girl who pretended to be my friend and I trusted her. She spread rumors and spread secrets about me. Finally someone, a GREAT person and a GREAT friend told me. I told the girl bullying what I was told. She कहा that she hadn't. I pretended to beleive her and went around asking people in the class. Sure enough I had been bullied and tricked. I told the bully I knew what she did. Near a quater into the साल I ACTUALLY became her friend again (MISTAKE). As usual she had tricked me :( . When ever I talked to her she'd NEVER let the 'cool' kids I couldn't walk near her. Now I just don't talk to her. She IS a bully no matter how hard she denies it!