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Beauty marks (beauty spots/moles/freckles) are marks that appear on the body, most typically on the face, neck and chest so labeled because they are known for adding a unique charm point to ones appearance. In this list, we bring आप ten idols with unique beauty marks that accents their gorgeous faces. We do warn you: आप might fall in प्यार with some of these beauty marks या become extremely envious!

1. एफ(एक्स) – Sulli
First up on our सूची is f(x)’s Sulli. She has two distinctive beauty marks on her face—one on her left cheek and another on the tip of her nose. Maybe that’s why they call...
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We’re used to seeing our प्रिय idols in sexy outfits for their on stage performances, but less often do we see them dressed in elegant attire. Here’s our collection of stunning dresses worn द्वारा gorgeous K-pop idols!

It's kind of funny/ironic that on the दिन I mentioned आई यू not having much news lately, she seems to pop up everywhere (and I'm not complaining!). आई यू was just featured on Koreaboo's सूची of "14 Beautiful Dresses Worn द्वारा Gorgeous K-pop Idols", and she shows up not once, but TWICE! Go दिखाना our प्रिय idol some प्यार द्वारा पढ़ना the article!

1. आई यू looking like an elegant केला, केले with a flowing yellow dress and matching shoes~

11. आई यू in a wedding dress!??
आई यू is definitely in some hot water now. While some प्रशंसकों continued to defend the singer regarding her portrayal of the character Zeze from 'My Sweet नारंगी, ऑरेंज Tree' in her song of the same name, the company that publishes the book, Dongnyok Publishing Company, relayed their dismay on November 5 regarding her "misinterpretation" of the story.

Dongnyok wrote on फेसबुक under the title, "Miss IU. Zeze is not that kind of child." The parts of the lyrics they had a problem with go, "Zeze, quickly come up the tree, put your lips on the leaf / आप should not play around, आप should not hurt the पेड़ /...
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K-Pop Idols can look incredible in uniform, whether it’s female idols या male idols! From the traditionally sexy sailor outfits to the manly and rugged army uniforms, these idols have it all! We decided to feature a सूची of them, so that आप could get a great start to your Thursday morning!

Check out our सूची titled, "12 Incredibly Handsome & Cute K-Pop Idols in Uniform"

1. Super Junior Siwon salutes you!

2. What would आप do if this handsome policeman pulled आप over?

3. Girl’s दिन are the chicken police! It better be crispy या else..ㅋㅋㅋ

4. आई यू so sweet even in uniform <3

5. TVXQ Yunho

6. Rain the defender

7. Girl’s दिन Minah

8. Choa & Way look too cute in those uniforms ㅋㅋㅋ

9. Girls’ Generation is here to serve your every wish!

10. Super Junior Shindong will tell आप when to stop and go!

11. SHINee in uniform formation

12. Captain Key
Kim Eana (IU's lyricist), Park Yohan (IU's dancer) and Hanteo manager have टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे on her चित्र (I'm way too lazy to scroll all the टिप्पणियाँ looking for और people I know.)

She is also following several people, like Coordi Noh, that require approval to be followed.

IU's confirmed Instagram account: link

[UPDATE] IU's former producer, Cho Young Cheol, confirmed the account on his twitter via his Instagram: https://twitter.com/cho072/status/563714370463862784 and आई यू replied.

Translation here: link

चित्र caption translation:
ee ji geum (wordplay of ‘Lee Jieun’, meaning ‘this now’) Instagram. Why does everyone add # at the back?

trans source: link

चित्र source: link
पोस्टेड on November 4, 2015
Image: LOEN Tree

IU‘s latest album CHAT-SHIRE has been a hit since its release over a week ago, the शीर्षक track “Twenty Three” taking over the charts with all-kills under its belt.

With the immense positive reaction that the album has received from the public, criticism has also reached it as netizens discuss IU’s choice of lyrics for her song “Zezé” which are supposedly indecent.

Additionally, a netizen on Pann goes further to point out that a photographer pointed out the hidden concept behind IU’s CHAT-SHIRE जैकेट albums, a lolicon...
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The nation’s female artist of the साल आई यू is currently looking as beautiful as ever in her jet black hair. However, since her debut 7 years ago, she has sported a wide range of beautiful hair रंग that she has, without failure, undoubtedly rocked.

And so, Koreaboo presents a compilation of 5 different hair रंग आई यू has effortlessly pulled off!

1. Black

2. Light Brown

3. Bright Red

4. Auburn

5. Blonde

Looking back at all of her amazing hair रंग is quite the trip down memory lane, with each hair color representing a different stepping in her journey to where she is now. We hope that she stays amazing in the future, and maybe even venture into bolder hair colors!
New stills for the highly anticipated and star-studded drama Producer has been published, revealing a never-before-seen side of लोकप्रिय soloist IU.

Wearing a striking black outfit consisting of high-waisted shorts, matching चोटी, शीर्ष revealing her mid-drift, and a see through over shirt, आई यू is seen performing on the stage of संगीत Bank joined द्वारा her backup dancers.

On May 13th, officials from the variety-drama Producer revealed that आई यू is playing a चोटी, शीर्ष sexy singer named Cindy, whose sexy and charismatic stage presence was acquired over a 10-year experience having debuted at the age of 13.

This is the first time आई यू will be performing with a sexy concept, so viewers can expect to see a whole new side of आई यू as she plays her part of the cold but sexy चोटी, शीर्ष तारा, स्टार Cindy on Producer.

The first broadcast for the drama is set to air on May 15th via KBS

source: link
“Honorary Police Officer” आई यू has been promoted from policeman to senior police officer, and an honorary corporate promotion ceremony was held in her honor!

The singer has been an honorary member of the South Korean police force since February of 2013, and on November 6th, she finally earned a promotion for her hard work! आई यू was positioned as ambassador for anti-bullying, and participated in various activities and events to help stop bullying in schools as well as to publicize the 117 call center for victims of crime.

Life Safety Commissioner Seo Bum Soo jested, “If she gets promoted at...
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Korea has countless beautiful idols, but only a handful of them are acknowledged for their 100% natural beauty. Here’s a collection of idols who are publicly recognized for their natural looks.

Some swear to have never undergone cosmetic procedures, while others have provided x-ray proof. प्रशंसकों themselves have compared childhood चित्रो to current चित्रो and come to their own conclusions. Whatever it may be, these idols are known as the most naturally beautiful! Check out this सूची of 15 ‘Naturally Beautiful’ Idols Of Korea!

EXID - Hani

Song Hyekyo

Akdong Musician

एफ(एक्स) Sulli

Sandara Park


Wonder Girls - Sohee



Son Dambi




Kim Taehee

Han Jimin

cr: koreaboo
आई यू and Hyeon Woo have become closer than ever after the "Scandal". tvN "List of Names" revealed male and female stars who were close to each other.

आई यू and Lee Hyun-woo came in सेकंड place. The two of them were awkward with each other in IU's संगीत video but they became close after co-hosting a संगीत दिखाना together.

Even after a "Scandal", they have only become tighter.

In third place came Jeong Yong-hwa, Jang Geun-seok, Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye who is close to Lee Jong-suk. In fourth place came Amber and Henry and in fifth place, Baek Jin-hee and Park Seo-joon.

स्रोत : www.osen.co.kr/articl... Read और at: link via link
May 5 marks Children's दिन in many countries including Korea, and आई यू celebrated the दिन द्वारा making a very generous donation.

On May 4, it was reported that आई यू donated 100 million won (approx. $92,290 U.S.) to Child Fund Korea to support children from needy families.

IU said, "Normally on Children's Day, kids go on happy family trips with their parents या receive presents they've always wanted and have a good time. I've heard that there are children who aren't in a state to be able to do that. I wanted to do something for those children."

The chairman of Child Fund Korea Lee Jae Hoon stated, "Thank...
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K-Pop idols are known for dyeing their hair into any and all types of रंग that can be imagined. From each color, there are also different shades that idols take on–some better than others. Here is a सूची of idols that fulfill the इंद्रधनुष of colored hair in the K-Pop industry.

Red: 2NE1’s Bom, IU, INFINITE’s Sunggyu, f(x)’s Krystal

Orange: BTS’ V, B1A4’s Sandeul, Miss A’s Jia

Yellow (blonde): BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, Son Dam Bi, 2NE1’s Dara

Green: SECRET’s Jieun, 2NE1’s Bom, Hello Venus’ Lime

Blue: BIGBANG’s T.O.P, B.A.P’s Zelo, EXO’s Tao

Purple: Teen Top’s L.Joe, INFINITE’s Hoya, EXO’s Baekhyun

BONUS: Idols that can’t choose one color and just had to have it all – EXO’s Sehun, SHINEE’s Key, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon
आई यू and Yoo In Na are like sisters, supporting each other on and off camera.

On June 26, fashion designer Go Tae Yong पोस्टेड a picture on his Instagram with the caption, “Chef Lee Won Il’s Dear रोटी along with आई यू and In Na. What are the four of us doing? Please take care of my refrigerator? This week is the finale for the ‘Producer’ special and ‘Fashion King!’”

In the image, आई यू can be seen visiting Yoo In Na on the set of “Fashion King.” The two look like sisters, both radiantly beautiful and seemingly close.

Designer Go Tae Yong and Yoo In Na have been working together on “Fashion...
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That enough of the incredibly sexy and ultra HD lists, this time we’re going with something just super ridiculous on this Monday morning! It’s crazy how many photoshoots have bubblegum incorporated into it, and how many और idols are just spotted blowing bubble gum! Do आप think any are photoshopped?

Check out this सूची titled, "12 Pinkalicious K-Pop Idols Blowin’ On Bubble Gum!"

1. G.NA

2. SPEED Shin Joongook

3. Girls’ Generation Sunny

4. Girls’ Generation Yoona

5. बी टी एस Jin and Suga

6. BoA

7. Go Ara

8. Lee Jong Suk

9. Girl’s Generation Tiffany

10. Secret Hyosung

11. EXO-M Xiumin

12. IU
आई यू went for a simple girl-next-door look. She paired the ब्लाउज with आड़ू, पीच colored shorts and a bright color block shoulder bag. She opted for natural make-up and "apple hair" with loose curls. Na-Eun went in a different direction when styling the blouse. She wore the piece with a white high-waist flared स्कर्ट with black polka dots. She, too, went for a natural look with light make-up and loose curls.

IU's outfit was perfect for her role as Soon Shin. However, I think Na-Eun really shined in this outfit. I प्यार that she ran away with the feminine look. The स्कर्ट perfectly balances out the attention from the bare shoulders and ruffled sleeves on the blouse.

But in the end both ladies looked beautiful!

source: link
Amidst the news of Lee Tae Im's car accident and the growing controversy over IU's "Zeze," tvN's 'SNL Korea' has jumped in headfirst with a parody that has caused its own controversy.

On November 10, the show's official फेसबुक पोस्टेड a picture to make light of the situation involving Dongnyok Publishing Company criticizing आई यू for her lyrics referencing 'My Sweet नारंगी, ऑरेंज Tree.' The picture's post used the title, 'Ms. Lee Tae Im. Sae Yoon is not that kind of child.'

The content borrows the voice and words from Dongnyok's official statement, saying, "Sae Yoon, as a 36-year-old nerd, is a child...
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With the immense popularity of KBS2 drama Producer in the country, one of its main cast members आई यू has been experiencing a surge in popularity in China.

Impressed द्वारा her अभिनय in her role as चोटी, शीर्ष singer Cindy in the weekend drama, आई यू has reportedly received multiple offers for upcoming Chinese projects, but she has not made any plans yet to schedule any official activities in the country.

The singer did, however, visit Guangzhou recently to promote cosmetic brand Qdsuh, which she endorses. Netizens chimed in on her surging popularity in China, voicing their admiration and प्यार for the singer...
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Korean hip-hop artist Verbal Jint has been drawing much attention for his confession about आई यू after his appearance on a हाल का Running Man episode.

The Running Man team was pitted against Yoo Jae Suk and his hip-hop team consisting of Jessi, San E, नीलकंठ, जय, जे Park, Eun Ji Won, and Verbal Jint.

Verbal Jint was labeled as humorous, but also the weakest link as he was beaten द्वारा Kim Jong Kook in a relay race and had troubles holding a cup around his mouth and chin in the same game earlier on Verbal Jint’s entertaining performance and character had Running Man प्रशंसकों curious about who he is.

Verbal Jint...
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Chinese and Thai production teams will be working with producers of the variety दिखाना “Dream Team” to create a spin-off of their own.

According to an affiliate of KBS, the Korean-Chinese remake of “Dream Team” will have 10 episodes in total, four of which will be aired in both China and Korea. The Korean-Thai collaboration will have 13 episodes, and three of them will be aired in Korea.

The Chinese production team is planning to film in Korea and will start on July 22 and 23. They were originally planning to come in June, but the MERS situation made it hard for the crew to gather चोटी, शीर्ष Chinese...
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