1. Happy Anniversary IU! Check out 7 amazing performances to celebrate!

Happy anniversary to IU! Can आप believe it's already been 7 years since this talented तारा, स्टार debuted? That's almost 10 years!

Despite her youthful appearance, she is nearly a veteran in the K-Pop sphere. After years of honing her unique, but she's here and she's here to stay with a signature style that has people of all age groups falling at her feet.

Check out some of her most earwormy performances to celebrate seven years with this angel!

2. आई यू - 'Lost Child' (debut stage)


Of course we should start off with her debut performance of "Lost Child"!

I absolutely loved this song when it first came out. It's a powerful track for a young girl, so why didn't it do better? Unfortunately, during this performance, she got a lot of hateful टिप्पणियाँ thrown at her from the audience that were completely uncalled for.

She looks super cute here and she sang her दिल out; she's now proven to haters that she's here to stick around.

3. आई यू - 'Good Day'


She then hit complete success with "Good Day," earning praise for her awesome, misnamed "3-octave note" (not 3 full octaves, but still, cool).

4. Kim Chang Wan & आई यू - 'The Meaning of You'


आई यू and original singer of this Korean classic, Kim Chang Wan, get together for a simple yet hauntingly beautiful unplugged duet!

द्वारा this point, she had truly found her voice.

5. आई यू - 'Letter'


She has a beautiful voice and classic गाना style that makes her the perfect artist to cover classics like this.

6. आई यू - 'The Night of First Breakup'


No wonder she's a प्रिय of not only youngsters but also elders. She captures that nostalgic feel and emotion with her voice and signature acoustic sound.

7. आई यू - 'Peach'


I प्यार this song! So cute and sweet and youthful with an indie sound to it. Her sweet voice sings this lullaby as sugary as candy.

8. आई यू - 'Between the Lips (50 cm)'


She's definitely cute but she can also be sexy. Just let her seduce आप with her singing~

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