Itachi Uchiha, one of the many favorited नारूटो character. He was an आकात्सुकि member before he was later killed द्वारा his younger brother, Sasuke Uchiha. Here our some reasons why we प्यार Itachi, because if आप प्यार something, there has to be at least a few reasons.

First, Itachi looks... Attractive. Yes, many fangirla of Itachi say he is hot and they think he is attractive. I personally agree with them ovo

Second, his voice. Who can't प्यार that voice that impersonates a sexy person? Man.

Third of all, Itachi was kind in his childhood. I mean, he was. He loved his little brother so much he'd do anything to protect Sasuke from harm. That's what I call an actual brother.

Fourth reason, प्रशंसक girls and fanboys (including me) say that Itachi is a badass. He came out as one of the strongest shinobi, he has the Mangekyo Sharingan, and even Amaterasu! Damn they are some strong jutsus.

Now, the reason why Itachi died is so Sasuke can finally achieve revenge on Itachi for killing the whole Uchiha clan. नारूटो प्रशंसकों say that Itachi shouldn't have died. I also agree with that, but would आप want to leave your whole family dead and not get vengeance on who did it? To दिखाना them the pain your family got? Now, the reason why Itachi killed his clan was so he could achieve peace. He didn't exactly want to do it,though.

What are your thoughts on Itachi Uchiha? Mine are.... Every reason I added into this लेख actually.