Bismillahir-Rahmaanir-Rahim ... For my siblings were blessed द्वारा Allah SWT, don't आप know Nabi Muhammad before his death, he crying and called us?

"Ummati, ummati ...." Nabi Muhammad's voice softly. He worries to us, his people. He crying us ...

Oh my siblings were blessed द्वारा Allah SWT, do आप know who's the jewelry world as well as state poles ...? Yes आप guys, sisters who would be a mother to your sons and daughters.

So why आप are willing to jostle in airport, waiting for the presence of a handsome young man from Korea that ...? आप cry when they do not see you.

Why are आप willing to neglect the worship and increases to adore them?

आप know, my siblings, actually they're don't care about the fate of your future in the hereafter. THEY DO NOT RECOGNIZE आप IN THE HEREAFTER. And they can not provide safety as the flames of hell lick calling us.

Give an empty अंतरिक्ष in your heart, just for one your idol, Nabi Muhammad. Why should Nabi Muhammad, not Super Junior, या Justin Bieber?

Allah replied:
"It has been present in Allah's good role मॉडेल आप are for people who expect the grace of Allah and the coming of Judgment दिन and remember Allah much"
(Surah Al-Ahzab 33:21)

Super Junior and Justin Bieber beings are just ordinary human. Do not give them attitude excessive प्यार because they're handsome, आप guys कहा ..

Their handsome will not save आप from hell and their handsome also do not cause आप to put in Allah's grace.

Multiply blessings on the Nabi Muhammad, wear hijab, guard the honor, doing prayer and fasting, that's a sign आप idolize Nabi Muhammad .. are super, super and और super तारा, स्टार idol of millions of times than your idol star.

Hopefully this लेख can open the door of our hearts that have long been locked ....