iPhone All-in-One बंदूकों 3D│20 बंदूकों

cathy009 posted on Aug 12, 2010 at 08:13AM

All-in-One Guns 3D│20 Guns enables you to turn your iPhone/iPad into a REAL gun!! Everything is rendered in 3d, with realistic graphics and sounds! Zoom in and out any time! You can rotate the full 3d model of the gun in 360 degree! It’s not 2d graphics, but realistic graphics with cool effects! 20 most legend weapons! Build your own arsenal!

It took Global Agent Inc half a year to create this full 3d scene game to you! Our hard working makes it awesome and addictive, and everything is amazing thanks to our 3d effect!

This is unprecedented in iTunes store! We offer you the best 3d weapons for free! Excellent 3d models and HD graphics make this application perfect! Be immersed in this awesome 3d game!!

★ Up to 20 3d weapons!! More than any of the similar 3d game!!
★ All weapons are made with 3d effects!
★ Rotate the full 3d model of the gun in 360 degree!
★ Zoom in and out any time!
★ Fire at any angle! Set up an angle and shot!

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