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zhixunsoft posted on Jul 03, 2009 at 04:06AM
Do your kids know the sounds of animal or office scene? Pick up your iphone and show these to kids. We command the picture, when you click the icon on the screen, it can make out sound. In the scene of zoo, there are many animals. When you click one animal, the system will make out relevant sound. This software provides multiple scenes. Later, we will add more scenes and sounds in version updating. It can help you educate your kids and make some utilities in a certain place. When plays, pull the page to right and you can find more contents in the same scene. Also you can click the last icon on screen lower right and set play count .So come and enjoy it now.

Zoo scene:
You can find a lot of animals in zoo. If click elephant, you can hear its sound” ao—ao”. If you click lion, you can hear it outroar. Also you can find dolphin, zebra and cow etc. This game helps your kid know many animals easily.

City scene:
Here, you can listen the sound of many transportation and nature. If you click bike, you can hear “ling ling”, if you click “rain”, you can hear the really rain sound and experience nature.

Room scene:
There are many sounds from kitchen and room. If you click kettle, you can hear the water is boiling inside. Pull the page to right, you can find room scene. Here, you click cup, it sounds like someone knock the real cup.

Music scene:
Do you love music? Now come to music scene. It provides many musical instruments’ sound. Such as: piano, guitar, bass, accordion and soon.

Gun scene:
You can experience many guns’ sound. Such as: revolver, sniper rifle, shot gun, rifle, and pistol. Here, let’s make the heavy gunfire and experience in the battlefield. That will make you feel that you are really in a war as a soldier.

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