"What do आप mean, आप wanna break it up?!" Coz boz yelled at the चोटी, शीर्ष of her lungs. Purple glared fake daggers at her."I'm tallest now. I don't NEED you. I have everything I will ever want!"
Coz boz looked at her hand." What about this ring, Pur? Doesn't it mean ANYTHING to आप anymore?!" Purple banged his head against the wall." I-I just *sniff*don't n-need आप anymore. Just GO AWAY now!" Purple turned his head sideways, facing away from Coz Boz"AND DON'T.EVER.COME.BACK!" From her eyes drew the most tragic tears known in the universe, the tears of a broken heart.Her head faced down. Not in dissapointment, but in fact in sadness in herself. She grabbed her bags."I thought आप were different. Nice, even. I was wrong. But one things for sure.I will ALWAYS प्यार you. Forever." She started out of the room." Oh, द्वारा the way, I'm having smeets.Just so आप know. Jerk." She slammed the door. Purple turned to Red." I hope you're happy. Are आप sure this is cumpolsary for new tallest?" Red smiled evilly "Oh,who कहा it was cumpolsary? My mistake!" He burst into evil laughter.
From that day, Purple could never be nice any Irken.Ever.