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soul sisters are AWESOME!
Carolina looks a lot like Coraline.
bounty hunters SUCK!
कप केक really knows how to redecorate!
this picture reminds me of Lion King somehow
Cynder is just AWESOME!
this pick is super random!
Laurana was based on the real person of InvaderCynder who is actually named Laura
crying solves all of your problems
Flour शिशु are sooooooooooo cute!
YACR forever! <3 (sorry ya can't see Yugi in the pic but he's holding Cynder's ha
picks without pictures SUCK!
picks without pictures SUCK!
Sasha is ok... not so much...
Added by InvaderSasha
Miz, Tak, Cynder, Zak, Zeyo, Mia, Rasor, Dane, and Jinx...
Miz,Tak,Cynder,Zak,Zeyo,Mia,Rasor,Dane,and Jinx being family is AWSOME!!!1
Added by lolo641
All of the Above
All of the Above
Added by Solo28
Saber scares me!
Saber scares me!
Jet will rule you! ^w^
Added by InvaderJet
Liz makes me go WTF
Added by invaderliz77
एंजल is cute as a कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला X3
Added by wolfy123
invader claire rocks!!!
Added by zgfangrl
I don&# 39; t really care.
I don't really care.
Added by PoeticError
being बिना सोचे समझे is fun. wats up, jesus? nothing much, fat albert.
Shkillz likes टोस्ट 8D
Added by EvilLittleHan
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