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Lyx:Lyx is an Irken royal guard in service to the mighty tallest as he will destroy a lot of stuff the Tallest start hating him until he destroy the डोनट machine the Tallest exile him from Irk but he did't not get it
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"HAYATO! WAKE UP WE'RE GONNA BE LATE!" Katrina screamed. She shook Hayato violently with her gloved hands. The bands on her arms jiggled crazily and she tackled him. 
"OH MY GOD, WHAT?!" he shouted. 
"get up fatass! We're gonna be late!" she hissed. Hayato rubbed his groggy eyes and yawned. 
"fine... Hey... Where's all my dynamite?!" he cried, patting his chest. Katrina threw a few red sticks at him and then pulled her hair back. 
"I came back and आप were passed out on my bed. MY bed. And, best part here, आप left the cigar still burning. So, I dragged आप over to YOUR cot and stripped all...
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As the commercials end, the screen flashes from the darkness and shows गिर slapping Zim.


GIR: Want me to keep going?

Zim: NO!

GIR: Then reveal yourself to the world!

Zim follows गिर outside.

Zim: I AM INVADER ZIM! I am an evil invader from beyond! And I will destroy आप all. (Notices not many people are around)

Lady: Hm?

Zim: Which is normal, of course!

Lady: Mhm. Mhm.

GIR: Not enough people. Let’s go look for some more. या else the slapping continues. HUH?! (Freezes and slowly falls to the ground)

Zim watches as a brain...
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It was dark. I couldn't see a thing, but I felt I was bound to a तालिका, टेबल of some sort. Suddenly an extremly bright light turned on over my head. It took me a while for my eyes to adjust...
I saw that the light was the kind आप use to do an operation. Wait...
I was immediatly aware of the Irken surgeons around me, ready to play around with my organs, of the Tallest standing in the doorway, waiting for the result...
I squeezed my eyes tight, and when I opened them again, I was सुरक्षित in my bed, drenched in...
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When I opened my eyes, I felt the gentle up-and-down movement of being carried, and the clanking of metal feet on the cement. I looked over my shoulder tiredly to see Sumomo in her paink-panda costume panting and rushing toward the base. Behind us, गिर was doing the same with Zim.

The door slammed shut, and I could see a look of disappointment on Zim's face. Not with me, but with himself.
"Master!" बेर choked, hopping out of her costume and onto me. "I was so worried! You-you didn't come home, so-so I came looking for you...!"
Poor girl.
But thats not what I कहा to her.
"I see," was...
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“NO no no! HOW-how did….why…this-this is a dream it has to be!” she कहा as she quickly pinched herself to make sure she was awake. All she was greeted द्वारा doing so was pain. Hissing, she looked back at her reflection, “nope still short as a skit”. Signing, the azoth decided she was tired of not knowing anything and so she brought up her communicator that was disguised as a bracelet.

“N.A.R.A are आप still functional?” she asked as she taped her machine-like friend to get some sort of response from it. Several सेकंड्स later a series of beeps and clicking was heard. After one...
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