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 Meekly Grin
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Source: mee got the idea from my BF
Pir and Razor.. me and my boyfriend.. ^^ (i hope it dosent end up with sex) XDD
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 Cute lightbulb is cute! :3
Cute lightbulb is cute! :3
Creating a Character
by ~Pavonated-Fox

So आप want to Create a Character?

It's best to start with the basics.

Remember, it's perfectly okay to change your characters' names as आप write your story. A character's name could be as simple as a common name, such as Max Reuben, या could be as elaborate as Cecelia Jane Vivian Lily Iris Alexis Thompson. But remember, आप want to have a name for your character that can be used conversationally. Max and other monosyllabic names are great, but for आप और creative types, just make sure your character can have a nickname, या will just go द्वारा one of...
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((Since apparently when I tried to प्रस्तुत करे this before, it didn't go through |C))

What is Fanpop? A friendly place where many individuals of any age, can get together and post pictures, videos, and more.

On Fanpop, there are things called "FANCLUBS", where people can post their pictures, videos, and more.

Invader Zim Fancharacters are about OC's for the lovely morbid show, Invader Zim. Who is in this group? Mostly younger kids, around 12 या so. There are a few older teens here and there, as well. What is this group's purpose? To collect and share Invader Zim original art. Whether it be canon characters,...
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The silence dimmed on closed irk court, S.I.R units turned off, so as not to tell of the news.
The almighty tallest stood at the far end of the table, towering over the rest of the irken council.
Two of the council irkens were fighting over what color should the new Irken uniform should look like. One of the Tallest rose a hand, silencing them without a word. Then, the other began to speak in a low tone,"We did not bring our council together to speak of such FOOLISHNESS! we have a bigger problem!"
"Well what is it almighty tallest!?"Council irken Alpha rang out."We were not told of the reason...
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Zero: He was appointed Tallest and is ruling along side Z-9, Jet, and Kierra. He is conquerer of Zvezda 7, Earth, and more. He is also married to Kierra.

Z-9: He is Tallest Zero's Service Drone who delivers Tacos and drinks to him in his time of need. He's also ''SIR Married'' with Zera's SIR, Luv.

Pooky: He is one of the Tallests' guards. He is very strict and will zap anyone, even people who are supose to be there.

Zera: She is the other Tallest guard. She is lenient and very loyal to her leaders

Doom: He was disabled as he was of no use to Pooky anymore. So he's dead.

Luv: She is ''SIR Married'' with Z-9. She is living a happy life and goes to work with him sometimes.

Gylph: She is married to Pooky, and also goes to work with him at times. She and Pooky live happily on Irk.

Gem: She couldn't handle Doom being dead, so she killed herself.

Zoku: Zero's adoptive son. He was cloned, but nobody wanted him, so Zero took him.

What do आप think of the FUTURE
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 Z-9 and Gir.
Z-9 and Gir.
शीर्षक trouble. >.<

This लेख is dedicated to Z-9, Zero's not-so-faithful robot companion.

Z-9 is Zero's little dysfunctional SIR unit. His name Z-9 is short for 'Zero 9000', 9000 being a refrence to Over 9,000!!!. He was created द्वारा Zero and Prisoner 777 while Zero was still in prison. Zero had चुरा लिया designs of the coming soon SIR bots before he got arrested, and he showed them to 777. It took a week या two to finish him, but It was a complete success. That's when Zero escaped from jail.

Z-9's फ्रेंड्स are Gir, Zero, Kierra, Mimi, and the...
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 There he is
There he is
It was one horrible night on Planet Irk, the Irken homeplanet. There was the birth room full of millions of cloning tubes. One inperticular tube aquired a green happy face and a robot arm grabbed the tube and broke it in half. A small, green-eyed Irken smeet fell head-first to the ground. The robot arm quickly placed a Pak on his back and zapped him to life.

Robot Arm: Welcome to life, Irken child. रिपोर्ट for duty.

Irken Smeet: Can me has sammich?

Robot Arm: What? No! Get to the intellegence downloader!

The Irken Smeet walked over to the intellegence downloader and got knowlege downloaded into...
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I प्यार HIM SO.
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This is one of her themes and the lullaby she loved. This is also what Lilah's voice sounds like.
theme song
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Sadi doesm't belong to me.3 parts Yah!!!it's epic!!
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Well She Sees Ghost N Stuff X3 I प्यार DeadMau5
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