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 invader miso, मिसो
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प्रशंसक कला
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Born to a cold, unfeeling world, shocked awake, दिया a name, on your own.

I was shocked awake for three सेकंड्स of pure pain.
Glass from my container sliced my right eye. I was blind. Two holes where drilled into my back connecting something to my spine. My scream echoed to nothing, nobody heard it. That wasn't the right order, I was spoused to have the thing on my back before the pain. This was too much. Blue blood dripped down my face. Everything in my right eye was blurry. A voice from nowhere. "Welcome to life Irken Solider, Kak." the voice said.
I curled up. "Kak, was that my name?" I...
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posted by Stuffy

Wave is a keen girl
Her personality will make your head swirl
Life in her eyes
A monster behind her, it lyes
Her hair flows out in two directions
Combed out with perfection
Ever since she was a smeet
She had a hate for Keet
The girl you'll forever save


My Dog

My dog was the best
She would be all the rest
I प्यार her like mad
One day, I took her out to play
Something happened, very sad
My dog is old, she sometimes will sway
She fell, onto the street
A car came and ran over her feet
My dad came and laid her on the grass
Alot of time passed
And so did she



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i think i already पोस्टेड not quite sure. anyway enjoy :D
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shadow is soppose to hate lyla but he cant cause hes in प्यार with her.
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