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Yeah... I know I post far to many लेखाए but I have no life.
This just so आप guys know whose who (This will be updated as people join)

Nightwing: link

Robin: link

Superboy: link

Batgirl: link

BumbleBee: link

Eclipse: link

Artemis (I'll be making a सेकंड account cuz this account has a whole other life story going down)
The following characters are still open for anyone who wants to RP them:

YJI Team:
Lagoon Boy (L'Gann)
Beast Boy (Garfield Logan)
Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)
Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark)
Miss Martian (M'Gann M'Orzz)
Mal Duncan
Impulse (Bart Allen)

Wally West
Red Arrow/ Roy Harper (clone Roy)
(Well he's a "villain" but he really is a Allie) Kaldur'Ahm/ Aqualad

Justice League:
Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Superman (Clark Kent)
Wonder Woman (Diana Prince)
Green ऐरो (Oliver Queen)
Black Canary (Dinah Lance II)
Flash (Barry Allen)
Aquaman (Arthur “Orin” Curry)
Zatanna Zarara
Green Lantern (Hal...
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Things to keep in mind with your OC Characters:

•We don't know your OC. So be sure to post pictures and a bio so we know what to expect

•To keep it fair, an OC has a of 3 powers/abililites

•All rules Stated in the "Offical Invaded RP Rules" apply to आप (read it pleaaasee)

•Limit of 3 OCs per person

•Do not overcrowd with OCs

•So....yeah. Make sure to check out tge Offical Rules and read the Welcome message thing

प्यार Always,
क्वीन Artemis
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1) आप must be a member of the group to role play on this spot. In other words it's a CLOSED group. To become a member आप must fill out the application and send it to ArtemisYJ in a private message. If आप are accepted आप will receive a welcome message.

2) Don't copy other people's ideas: Come up with your own drama. To the person who originally came up with an idea, coping can be quite frustrating and irritating

3) Don't spam. It's annoying when आप constantly post. But frequenly post and be active.

4) Your character, is not invincible. They must have some limits. And get hurt and some point....
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       So if आप would like to apply for a तोप character आप may (Already made accounts will not be accepted) And I'll let आप all know when OCs will be accepted so for now any OC application I recive will

For the सूची of available canon characters see the लेख entitled सूची of available canon characters :p

Fill out this and इनबॉक्स it to me!
2)Your Real Name First Name (or whatever आप prefer to be called in OOC terms):
3)The best फैन्पॉप account यूज़रनाम to contact you:
4)How fimiluar आप are with this character:
5)Name 3 traits of this character:
6) Name 3 traits that DO NOT...
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