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posted by Invader_K
InuYasha rolled his eyes. "Shippo,You are such a baby! Man up, and let Kagome clean your wound!" He said,annoyed. "B-But it Stings!" Shippo cried. InuYasha punched him. "InuYasha! Sit!" Kagome commanded,while InuYasha fell to the ground facedown. "Now,Shippo. It will only sing for a second! Be still.." Kagome कहा softly. Shippo gulped. "mhm." he said. Miroku ran torwards InuYasha. "InuYasha! We're being attacked!" he called out. Sango stood behind him. InuYasha got up. He rushed past Miroku and grabbed the Tetusuegia. Kagome rushed after him. "InuYasha!" She called. "Kagome! Go and hide!"...
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1:she's a zombie that stils souls from the dead
2:she took the half of the juwle(spelling)that इनुयाशा had and gave it to naraku
3:she tried to take इनुयाशा to hell with her wile(spelling)inuyasha was unconsie
4:she tried to kill kagome
5:she tried to kill inuyasha
6:in इनुयाशा movie 1 she pushed kagome down the well telling here yet she is dead
7:she took half of kagome's soul
8:every time she falls off a cliff she somehow maneges to survive
9:she shot इनुयाशा with an ऐरो binding him to that tree
10:when ever she comes around इनुयाशा always gose to see her wich resalts in her makeing kagome cry it's not inuyasha's falt if kikyo would have stayed dead kagome and inyasha woulden't have to cry all the time. and theres my ten resons for hateing kikyo.
posted by SkywardStriker
Her दिल had hurt so, like a poisoned chain had wrapped around it and was constricting, tearing, practically begging for pain. She looks at her reincarnation's eyes, those innocent, life-filled eyes, that accuse and pity her simultaneously. Eyes that say I'm sorry, eyes that say I understand your pain, eyes that say Why are आप still here? It's my time now. You've had your chance. Eyes that say rest in peace. I'll take care of him.

Kikyou wants to cry, wants to laugh, for she wants him, needs him, yet she can't भालू to keep him with her. She knows that they would've been happy together.

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 Main Characters: Miroku, Shippo, Kagome, Sango, Kirara and InuYasha.
Main Characters: Miroku, Shippo, Kagome, Sango, Kirara and InuYasha.
Many of the प्रशंसक letters I receive ask the सवाल “How old are इनुयाशा and the other characters?” Some प्रशंसकों make guesses. The character with the greatest range is Miroku, with guesses ranging from the late teens to late twenties… I basically think it's all right for the readers to view the characters as whatever age they see fit, but since so many people ask this, I'll answer with the ages I have in my head as I work.

It is clearly stated that Kagome's age is 15, so for balance, Sango is about 15 या 16, and Miroku about 17, 18. I think of Kikyo as having died at about age 17… Demons...
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"you were seperated from your parents!" kagome said. keide took a bite out of a मछली and कहा " yes, there was a आग in my village and while we were running away some of the villages pushed me out of the way and thats how i got seperated.". इनुयाशा and kagome agreed to help the young girl find her लॉस्ट parents.

when they were all done eating they set off on there journey. kagome and keida got on inuyasha's back and scoped the grounds. As keida trys to find her village in the sky, in the middle of nowhere आग balls try to hit inuyasha. one of the आग balls hit inuyasha's leg. he लॉस्ट focus...
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Campanulaceae has refined the ethereal and pure temperament, however, fate, however, her extremely unfair to a feeling of intense hatred and a strong प्यार die Yishi extremely tragic, but was soon calling reluctant to wake up the pain life made her original resurrection of hate, when all the truth came out, but she is link still there after the resurrection, she still has a loving and pure. Kagome is her reincarnation, but not her अवतार completely opposite character very different fate, she has extraordinary growth, daily laughter, the cast pull out of the companions, but और importantly is...
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posted by khanna266
One night while Kagome was trying to sleep she kept struggling and finnaly sensed something similar to a jewel shard."I sense a jewel shard she b lurted out waking up the others,"Kagome are आप sure it's a jewel shard आप sense?(yawns)"shippo asks in exhaustion when all of a sudden he finds a girl with a huge smile standing in front of him. "Now aren't आप adorable"she squealed tightly picking up shippo."p-p-please l-let me g-go."shippo pleaded not breathing,"i'm sorry i did'nt mean to hurt आप because thats not what godesses of joyfulness do"She apologized in a baby like voice as she noded...
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Now just so everyone know, I've only watched the shows. I've seen every movie and every episode of Inuyasha. But I haven't read the मांगा so do not be upset with me if some of my thoughts are different.

I believe that Sesshomaru, at any point in time could have killed Inuyasha. Yes, their father did leave Tenseiga to Sesshomaru and Tetsusaiga to Inuyasha, making it futile for them to fight. But look at everything that happened.

In the early episodes, Sesshomaru used a human arm from Naraku and showed इनुयाशा the Wind Scar. He could've easily just used the Wind Scar on Inuyasha.

The episode where...
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posted by deathchick9
I take no creidt for this!It all belongs to EternalSailor on DeviantArt.

1. Ask Kagome on a date.
2. Admit his burning प्यार for Kikyo.
3. Pick Kikyo over Kagome.
4. Tell Kagome thats shes fat.
5. Pretend his human form is actully his He-Man form.
6. Admit his brotherly प्यार for Sesshoumaru.
7. Call Kagome a कुतिया, मतलबी when shes not looking.
8. Tell Kagome to fuck off when she tells him to sit.
9. Laugh at his own doggie ears.
10. Eat Kagomes घर made cooking.
11. Say the words "Shippou will आप marry me?"
12.Dress up as Naraku for halloween.
13. Turn down the chance to kill a demon.
14. Start communicating with...
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 Laughing Matter
Laughing Matter
Kikyo has been resurrected द्वारा Urasue and is watching Kagome and इनुयाशा in front of the group, traveling as usual. During the night, after they've set up camp, Everyone but इनुयाशा is sleeping. Kikyo sees this and takes advantage of the situation, silently calling him into the forest. But Kagome being Kagome, she gets up and silently follows the two. But she was mistaken. For Kikyo had gone way ahead of इनुयाशा and was alone knowing Kagome was there, and managed to tie her to a पेड़ with her soul collectors, causing the पेड़ and Kagome to disappear, and इनुयाशा wouldn't be able to hear...
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posted by jacqulene11
Kagome was just staring at इनुयाशा with a peaceful look on his face. A slight blush came arcoss on Kagome's cheeks. Then it went away when she saw Kikyo walk up to Inuyasha. She saw that they were talking but she couldn't hear what they were saying. All of a sudden Kikyo Kissed Inuyasha. Kagome was shocked, her body was फ्रोज़न in her tracks. But Kagome didn't notice that Kikyo saw Kagome and gave her a dirty look.
Then BOOM!!! The spot that they were in blew up with a loud bang. But the worse thing is there was a cliff behind Kagome, and Kagome was flung back from the force of the explosion....
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इनुयाशा and kagome started to travel द्वारा them sleves sence miroku and sango had kids. shippo lives with keade while he is in training.

one day, as they both walk threw the forest to keade's village when they hear a calling for help. they didnt reconize the voice but they both went looking for the person. इनुयाशा and kagome look for the person but they didnt find anything. they stopped and heard the screaming again they look up at the tall पहाड़ी, हिल just द्वारा the village. there was a young girl. she was at the egde of the पहाड़ी, हिल fighting something but it was to dark to tell. in that सेकंड something...
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Naraku is finally dead and new changes have come along.Miroku's curse has disappeared and as promised Sango and Miroku have gotten married and have 3 kids, twin girls and a boy. Ichiro, Azumi, and Hisana. But when a thing of the past suddenly comes up it may cost someone's life. Will this be the end?

It was night and it was a full moon. Sango and Miroku were sleeping in one room, the kids in the room अगला to them and the rest of the gang was in another room. Everything was quiet and peaceful until....

Miroku:*clutching his right arm* Ahh!!
Sango: Miroku, what's wrong?!?!
Miroku: What's...
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The gang is walking on a path to a nearby village, hoping to get some R & R after fighting a huge demon...

Sango, looking up at the sky: Ahhh, today is a beautiful day! Don't आप agree ,Miroku?

Miroku turns to her, smiling: I know something even और beautiful.

*Sango looks down, blushing*

Kagome(in back): Awww! That's so sweet!!!

Shippo: Yeah, after Miroku proposed to Sango, they have been getting kinnda "comfy" together.

Inuyasha, yawning: Yeah right! Like it's gonna last long, besides, their not even officially married.

Kagome glares at him: Oh, don't be stupid , Inuyasha! This is gonna last...
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Shippo:Do आप really have to leave forever just because we have the whole jewl shard.
Iuyahsa:What is he talking about no body's leaving?(hiding behind a tree)
Kagome:I am sorry Shippo, I must leave Iuyasha only wanted me to find the jewl so he can be with Kikiyo and I get left alone.
Shippo:B ut इनुयाशा is a idiot he would never know आप प्यार him.
Inuyasha:Huh!(blush)S-She loves me hmm then I must tell her.
Inuyasha: Kagome why didn't आप tell me आप प्यार me?(he yelled running out behind the tree)
Kagime:(blush)Because आप don't प्यार me.(sh कहा going down the well)
Before she could down the well...
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KAGOME:I प्यार आप TOO.
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posted by Julyangel16
We climbed out on the other side of the well and saw the group waiting for us.

“Hurry it up,” InuYasha कहा impatiently.

“We’re coming calm down,” I said. When we got over to them, InuYasha stared at Kagome.

“Do आप feel anything?” He asked. Of course she feels something, I thought. She’s alive isn’t she. Kagome closed her eyes. She stood there for about a minute, then opened them and shook her head.

“Damn it,” he said.

“Wait,” I कहा confused. “What did आप not feel?” She explained that she could sense the sacred jewel shards with some magical power from the...
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I made this लेख because people are confused on what happened in the ending of इनुयाशा (Final acts) so ill make it easy/simple to understand,

Inuyasha and Kagomes ending
Inuyasha and Kagome live in a village now and they are married , Kagome is no longer able to pass through the well

Miroku and Sangos Ending
Miroku and sango have 3 children (2 twin girls and 1 son) and mirokus windtunnel is gone

Kohakus and Rins ending
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In fact, I think Kagome is somewhat analogous to a third party, इनुयाशा is the first and Campanulaceae with each other unforgettable first love. इनुयाशा Campanulaceae said: "I am willing to become human, to the time, the Campanulaceae आप to become my ..." has become my wife. However, this sentence is कहा Campanulaceae, link even if it is not the moment he was Campanulaceae सील, मुहर Inuyasha: Campanulaceae, I hate you. "Or" I will kill आप ", then, but said:" Even In this way, this bellflower, I ... "Inuyasha did not finish, but we guess out, he would like to say he still loves Campanulaceae....
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The following morning Hatchi meets up with Miroku alone. He tells Miroku what happned yesterday. Mioku then went to इनुयाशा and Sango and made them confess. They did not know what he was talking about. He told them then they looked at eachother and smiled. They both blushed in a flash. Miroku was real mad at इनुयाशा but he just walked off. Leaving the two "love-birds" behind. He returned an घंटा या so later finding only Shippo and Kagome. He looked in the hut where they slept. He found them asleep अगला to eachother. Miroku was now completely jealous! He wanted to get back at इनुयाशा for...
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