Hey everyone! There are months I was wanting to write an लेख about me and I finally got to do it now! So, here's a few facts of my life and personal taste आप may never heard of and I hope आप get to know me better through this questionary!

Name: Ingrid... Quite obvious, right? Lol!

Nickname: Well, mom calls me Bubbles, the one from PowerPuff Girls, hehe!

Birthday: December 6, 1995

Country: Brazil

Language: I only speak fluently Portuguese, lol! I can try to communicate in English and Spanish...

College Course: I'm taking classes of Biotechnology at UFRJ and I'm so proud to say it! YAY!

Hair & Eyes: Brunette with brown eyes... I once was a blondie, but I haven't painted my hair a few years पूर्व :/

Siblings: I have neither brother nor sister... I'm only child!

Pets: Currently I don't have one... But I had a dog named Scott, 3 chickens and a golden मछली :)

Fears: Geckos (My biggest fear ever!), Horror movies, heights and closed environments such as elevators

Piercings या Tattoos: I don't have either... Once I made a reindeer tattoo of Muttley on my right leg... I was about 9 years-old, lol!

Hobbies: Watching TV (It's my guilty pleasure!), surfing the internet (Most of my time I'm fanpopping!), drawing, listening to music, reading, finding new crushes on TV (I'm master of it!), लेखन in my diary (Yes, I do have one!), increasing my Elvis collection and studying... My life!

प्रिय Color: Purple/Lilac... But I also प्यार Black, Blue & Pink!

प्रिय Car: I प्यार Peugeots, especially the 207 Passion! I'll have one of these soon, believe me!

प्रिय Animals: Tigers, Bunny Rabbits, कुत्ता (especially Siberian Huskies!), Wolves

प्रिय Flower: Violets <3

प्रिय Musical Instrument: I'm completely obsessed with Drums! I once tried to play it, but my terrible coordination made me give up on it... PS. My dad was a ढंढोरची, ढोलकिया of a band called Babbuhynuz (He gave the idea of the name and its spelling because of my weird प्यार for the animated band Gorillaz) and he has never took some time to teach me how to play drums! :P

प्रिय Food/Drink: I like Pizza, Lasagna, French Fries, Tomatoes, Bananas, Bombons, Doritos, स्टेक (In Barbecue, the thing I most like to eat is chicken heart!)... As आप can see, I'm pretty healthy when it comes to food, lol! My प्रिय drink is अंगूर Soda! If there's a खाना I hate, it's called Beans! Hate it very much! :P

प्रिय Songs: Tough to say, depends on my mood... It can vary between ''Are आप Lonesome Tonight?'' द्वारा Elvis, ''Still Of The Night'' द्वारा Whitesnake and ''Windows Down'' द्वारा Big Time Rush... In music, I'm caught between some good Classic Rock, Metal and even Pop!

प्रिय Singers/Bands: Hmm, प्रिय singer?? Elvis Presley, duh! My biggest idol and beautiful and inspiring human being! About fav bands, I have tons! Starting द्वारा some Rock: Metallica, Whitesnake, AC/DC, Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Megadeth, Foreigner, Scorpions, Kiss, Dire Straits, and the सूची goes on... I like very much Big Time Rush, One Direction, A-HA, Tears For Fears and I do enjoy and imitate the choreographies of many Michael Jackson songs! Guilty!! xD

प्रिय Books: Wuthering Heights (Fervently recommend! Beautiful story, strong characters and will make आप cry a river!), Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Interview With A Vampire, The Vampire Diaries and my अगला victim: Percy Jackson and The Olympians - The Lightining Thief! I'm very excited to read it!!

प्रिय TV Shows: Oh, I have so many!! Let's see if I can remember... सूपरनॅचुरल (The best TV दिखाना ever invented द्वारा far!), Dallas, Once Upon A Time, Dawson's Creek, The Vampire Diaries, Awkward, The Middle, New Girl, Grimm, White Collar, Party of Five, Rules of Engagement, Just Shoot Me, Pretty Little Liars, The Carrie Diaries, The Big Bang Theory, Lost, Criminal Minds, Big Time Rush,... In short: I've seen pretty much everything, so feel free to ask me about any TV show, because there are 99% of possibilities that I've already watched it... At least a single episode!

प्रिय Cartoons: The Grimm Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Johnny Bravo, Courage the Cowardly Dog, SpongeBob Square Pants,... Anything from the 90's of Cartoon Network and Nicklelodeon :)

प्रिय Movies: OMG, I've watched so many! I प्यार Comedy and Animation... Any पिक्सार & डिज़्नी productions are awesome and I'm obsessed with Happy Madison's फिल्में too! Well, Lilo & Stitch has a special value to me because I knew Elvis through its soundtrack and I also like a bunch of 80's films such as Dirty Dancing, Back To The Future & Splash... Teen & girlie फिल्में are on my सूची too! Not to mention my beloved Elvis फिल्में King Creole, Jailhouse Rock, Viva Las Vegas, Fun In Acapulco, Blue Hawaii... Anyway, all of his फिल्में are so amazing!!

प्रिय Actors/Actresses: Oh, so many again! Jensen Ackles, Kerr Smith, Josh Henderson, Ian Somerhalder, Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze,... PS. They're also on my huge सूची of crushes, hehe! The अभिनेत्रियों I like are Julie Gonzalo, Jordana Brewster, Ashley Greene, Marilyn Monroe, AnnaSophia Robb, Candice Accola, Meghan Ory... They're my role models, lol!

प्रिय Comedians: David Spade, Chris Kattan, Jaime Pressly, Rob Schneider, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey, Steve Martin... They're all so funny!

My Three Kings: Elvis Presley, Patrick Swayze & David Coverdale :)

OK, I think that's a great start to let आप all know और about me! I'll try to come back with another facts later and टिप्पणी दे about anything if आप feel the need to! Thanks to all my फैन्पॉप sisters for पढ़ना my article! प्यार आप all!<3