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“Endou wake up! Coach Hitomiko’s here! You’re the only who’s sleeping!”, a girl with a very familiar voice shouted at him. He then opened his eyes slowly. Everything is still blurry in his vision. As his vision clears out he saw Aki and Haruna waking him up and as he face the side he saw Kogure snickering and he seems to…. about to pour a pail full water on him.

As Endou sees that he automatically jumps out of his bed. “I’m feeling awake as ever!”, he shouted loudly as he catches his breath. Then, he stares at Kogure and said, “You don’t have to do that आप know?”. Kogure...
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 Gouenji Naomi
Gouenji Naomi
Name: Gouenji Naomi/Claire Blaze
Personaliy: Kind, Encouragable , smart ,lovingly, cheerful, and will do anything to play soccer.
Best Friends: Kiyama Hiroto and Midorikawa Ruyiji (both childhood friends)
Siblings: Brother: Gouenji Shuuya(elder) Sister: Gouenji Yuuka(younger)
Looks:Red long hair,and red eyes, and she dresses a red dress.
Hates: getting betrayed and aliens( and believes that al don’t even exist)
Loves: गाना and making संगीत with instruments, spending time with her siblings.
Does on free time: Plays सॉकर secretly when the Yokatos are not with her.
An allrounder
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Part 1

It was early in the moring when all the work of the house was getting done .While mika was fast-asleep then a loud sound came from the back of mika's room,Mika got up suddenly.She got up to see a box... hina came running towards mika's room.....

Hina : Are आप ok mika?

Mika : Yes

Hina : For a monment I thought आप fell down....

Mika went out of her room and in the hall.

In the afternoon,Mika was walking around the hall,Then Hana saw Mika walking around ,she asked......

Hina : Mika what are you...
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Source: Me/ blueEclipseWolf
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Computer Voice: The arena's will test the players' strength, speed and knowledge. Players please proceed to the strength arena...

~The Strength Arena will test your kicking ability... Hissatsu techniques are forbidden to be used here.. only Normal shoots are allowed.. The strength of your kicking ability will be measured in points in a scale of 0-100.. ---Players may now start.

~All players can now proceed to speed arena, where in the speed of the players are tested..and it is measured in time...Hissatsu's are forbidden...----Players may now start.

~All players can now proceed in the last arena.......
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1 दिन later...............

Sakura stood near the inazuma river bank looking at the gleaming

water.Suddenly she heard someone calling......

"Haruna! Haruna!........."

She turned around and saw it was kidou.......

He immediately turned towards sakura.

He walked towards her and कहा "What are आप doing here?"

Sakura replyed "Hunting elephants,

Wanna join?"

"Why can't आप ever reply in a simple way?"

"Teehee.......sorry, I have a संगीत कार्यक्रम in the evening, I was nervous so I wanted to ease my tension, so I came here. Anyways who are आप searching for and how's the team?"

"I was searching for my sister,...
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posted by ShadowProve13
Sai: Hello and welcome! On with the IE interview! *Sits in chair* And our guest is *Drum roll*...Edgar Valtinas!

IE Cast: Boooooooo!!!

Edgar: *Ignoring the crowd* Thank आप all! Your cheering for me is wonderful! *Takes a sit*

Fudou: *In audience* Dude, what crack is he on? O-o

Sakuma: *Elbows him in the side*

Fudou: What the fuck was that for?! x-x

Bjorn: *Turns around to Fudou* Shhhh!

Sai: So Edgar, आप do realize that I know आप paid the producers over $900 to be here on the show.

Edgar: *Shakes head* On the contrary, the producers asked me to be here, so I just gave them a big tip.

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TsuKaze Ch 3: Spring Time for Kazemaru
“wait… you’re… that boy who…”
“yes… yes…?”
“Who were crying like a little baby when I first met you???”
“Y… yes….?” (in his mind)”not like what I expected, but… oh well… at least she remembered… she could just say, the boy she took on a ride on the हंस with… sheesh… I guess the only thing she remembered about me is my crying personality…=3=”
“hey… if I’m not mistaken, your name is… Kaze-kun…?”
“yeah… that’s what आप used to call me Tsuka-chan… I’m glad आप remembered~”
“Gee… sorry for...
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David Hell Hound (Italian name) A.K.A. Akujin (Evil God)

Japanese name: Daichi Kira Oni (Earth Killer Demon)

Age: 24 (Physically 14-15) (Most people thinks he's a child but he was born to have a young child body.)

Nickname: Mad Hatter, King of Hell (or Dogs), Owner of Cerberus, Mr. Hell

Likes: कुत्ता (Any type of animal that are related to कुत्ता like wolf), red apple, Lollypop, Rock n' roll, Fighting, every spots except ice skating and Full-moon

Dislike: Masaki (Younger half brother), बिल्ली (sometimes), someone complaining about his age and how he look

Personality: (Has a विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें personality name Kiyoshi...
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After a few years in England Mika never even thought about her friend.... Lisa never brought up that topic because she knew that Mika would not like that....after all Lisa promised her not to...for that it was a new beginning for Mika that Lisa did not want to spoil....behind that smile was something Mika was hiding...maybe something that was going to happen...something...

After school...

Liz running towards Mika...

Liz : Mika...Wait up..

Mika : What is it?

Liz : आप forgot...your scarf...

Mika : Thank आप for returning it,I'll be going then..bye.

Liz : See आप later.

As Mika walked out the huge school...
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At the hospital..

Doctor : Nothing serious , She's just got a fever , she should be ok in a few wreaks.

After the doctor left..

Looked at Mika

Lisa : Why dint आप tell anyone?

Mika : Because if I told them they keep me locked up again.

Lisa phone rang..

Lisa : Hello yes yes what ? But....ok. ( kept her phone )

Mika : What is it ?

Lisa : I got good news and bad news

Mika : Whats the good news? ( In sick voice )

Lisa : The good news is that our flight will be here before 6 months.

Mika : And the bad news?

Lisa : It's coming tomorrow.

Mika was shocked to hear the news..

Next sunset..

Lisa, Mika and Hiroto talking.....
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 Name : "Lady Lilith"
Name : "Lady Lilith"
"Nonomi! What did आप put in the food!", Natsumi कहा angrily.

Nonomi didn't look at her and smirked.


Natsumi became impatient calling Nonomi’s name over and over again, so, she approached her and as Natsumi was about to face her, she became full of dread as the Nonomi that she was about to approach is now laughing loudly all द्वारा herself.

“W-w-why are आप laughing?”, Natsumi stuttered as she held back one step.

“You still haven’t get it do you, Ms. Raimon? Haven’t आप figured out the situation that is happening right now? Not yet, huh? I have always thought that आप were...
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After noon time Lisa and Mika were walking down the road Lisa was thinking about something...Mika was thinking some thing as well, walking walking...Thinking thinking some thing seemed to bother Mika..there was something wrong what happened no one knew
"Hey!" Lisa called out

Mika : What's the matter Lisa?

Lisa : I think i saw some thing.

Mika : what did आप see?

Lisa : I'm not quite sure

Mika : Lets go then,we're late for lunch.

Lisa : Okay then.*Big Smile*

They walked off together,what a strange thought came to Mika mind yet, she was so quite like she knew that something bad was about to
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Note: The text that is in italic means that it's a past line in a conversation या the character is recalling what another character conversed about.

The सेकंड half is now about to start but the most of the players haven’t recovered yet.

“I can’t let our team lose, our lives are in the line, and we only need one point but we can’t even score one”, Endou कहा as he punched the ground.

“Endou, we still have hope, there is still a सेकंड half, there is still time”, Aki कहा as she heard such words from Endou that never expected for him to say.

“You’re right, I shouldn’t be saying...
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The players of kasamino shivered with fear as the aliens stood in front of them.........

"What's wrong?why won't आप answer? will आप be fighting against us या not?If आप refuse to reply,we will annihilate your school this instant."

"Please wait! D.....D...D...Don't destroy our school!"

"Then what will आप do?"

"We've been officially recognized as a सॉकर club द्वारा the सॉकर association only a few days ago. We've not strong as the other schools yet....."

"The other schools?........we've just come from destroying raimon junior high "

"Then.......Raimon lost?"
"not even Raimon beat them!......It's no...
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Kyle comes"Last time on TDI,the campers went to the most exciting,dangerous and painful marathon race of their lives.Two campers went to extreme pain,Ash and Georgia,but in the end Georgia got the first ever victory for the Cyber Fish".He drinks some soda"So what और pain will the campers go through,find out here on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND".

It is a very hot दिन on the island,in the Cyber मछली boy side,all the boys(expect for Mark)enjoy the cool air of the Air Condensation.Axel happy says"This is great we get to enjoy the cool air,winning is great",he lays back on his bed.Mark unhappily says"Yeah,winning...
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