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Article by LikeAFire_Lps posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
fan of it?
12 April 2010 Lostprophets came to belgium, i couldn't believe it!
So i went to the store, bought my ticket and when the big दिन was there i went to Lostprophets.
It wasn't good, it was SO AWESOME! really i can't say how much i enjoyed it. Lostprophets is so sweet. The दिखाना was awesome and lostprophets was awesome. The जैकेट Ian weared was beautiful, like himself. The संगीत was awesome. I loved the drums and the guitars, loved everything about the show. They were funny and they were really good with their fans. I really saw that they loved their fans. Lostprophets is just awesome. I hope they come back to belgium soon 'cause i already miss them. If they come, i'm gonna do everything to talk with the guys!