Huddy Out of these lyrics from songs that remind me of House/Cuddy, which one do आप think fits them the most? (songs in comments)

Pick one:
When आप try your best but आप don't succeed
Who do आप think आप are, running 'round leaving scars-
My body is a cage that keeps me from dancing with the one I प्यार
All of the lonely people, where do they all come from?
Maybe you're going to be the one that saves me
Nobody कहा it was easy, no-one ever कहा it would be this hard
आप could be happy and I won't know
And the piano’s this melancholy soundtrack to her smile.
The broken lights on the freeway left me here alone
Have आप ever been touched so gently आप had to cry?
I cant give आप the दिल आप think आप gave me,
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