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posted by migle
Hy Huddy प्रशंसकों it's my लेख about House's holidays, how he spend his क्रिस्मस and New year, with some Huddy, but not fro the start, so Huddy प्रशंसकों may skip few parts till third chapter

House were sitting on his सोफ़ा, सोफे in his apartment with bottle of Vicky watching some kind stupid TV-show. It was late घंटा and he expected to spend his evening alone, doing nothing. But when he was about to finish drinking half of bottle, he heard loud knocking at his door. House were already quite drunk so it made quite difficult to climb to the door. before opening he tried to shout something, but alcohol...
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posted by tammyr50
This was on Twitter. Thought it was funny and right on. Maya is the name of the young woman who came up with this.

Couple Counseling – House, 7×06 “Office Politics”
Cuddy alone in session.


Cuddy : House was right, it’s not gonna work.

Maya: Why are आप saying this? What happened?

Cuddy: He lied to me.

Maya: About what?

C: Why do आप care? A lie’s a lie.

M: Yes… and no. Some lies are meant to hurt, some are meant to protect. There’re all sorts of lies… So which was it?

C: He faked a blood test to get my approval on a risky procedure.

M: How did आप find out?...
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Helloooo fellow Huddyholics! So...the premiere. Need I say और about it? It was simply a dream come true. I have to say, though, I've only been waiting for this all summer. A lot of other people have been waiting for it for 7 years, so I have to tell those people: wow, आप guys are amazing. I really do respect आप for that, and your dedicatedness makes me feel very inferior...

Anyways, no surprise, I'm rambling again. The reason I decided to write this लेख is because I really need to just get my thoughts on the premiere out somewhere. So, here I am, watching the episode for the third time,...
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posted by mchuddymerderek
Here i am again with one और chapter! अगला one will be a plesant one for us(the huddies). It will include last Lucas lines. hehehe

Enjoy and let me know what आप think!

ps. i'll have longer chaps from now on!

Chapter 7

During their way to the hospital, Cuddy had a huge smile in her face. She was so relieved now that she knew her little baby was सुरक्षित and sound! House was staring at her, and a grin wouldn’t go away from his lips. He knew that thanks to him Cuddy was happy again and her child was good.

After 30 मिनटों of driving, they arrived at...
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posted by BeforeItWasCool
For the complete story please visit: link

Sorry, for the delay in posting new chapters, fans. School is now out for the summer. I think that’s enough of a reason but I’ll also add that I’ve been out of town on family vacation. Good. Let’s begin. I’ve decided to make this little fiction into a full-blown fic-isode. Yes, I made that up. I’ve done some medical research and some of the facts are from personal medical experiences, but please remember I am not a doctor nor do I even play one on TV so be kind and just take it for what it is. I promise it won’t get into the unbelievable....
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posted by migle
“- So, what can I do for her,”, he repeated his सवाल again, Wilson was sitting with small smile on his face, he knew that House still care about Cuddy. House sit in chair face to his friend, his face was sad, his head was boiling with minds of her, of her cancer, of his girlfriend.

House hated to care of something it makes him miserable , when he cares of someone he stop to thinking rational , he just thinking about that person not like doctor anymore, he heated that feeling. He felt like that, when Amber was sick, and when he was heeling psychiatric Kate.

“- First, tell me what happened.”...
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
When they pulled into the driveway, Rachel bolted out of the car into the house.

House was on the सोफ़ा, सोफे watching TV when Rachel walked into the house.

" हे squirt."

" हे cripple."

House rarely calls Rachel द्वारा her actual name. He always call her nicknames. And Rachel won't call him House until he quits. He didn't.

" So आप ready for tonight?" Rachel कहा quietly.

" Ready for what?" Cuddy asked walking in and sitting अगला to House.

" Your तारीख, दिनांक tonight." Rachel said, smirking, knowing it that House hates it when she calls it a date.

" Oh, I know what your trying to do द्वारा saying date, आप little parasite....
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posted by lizzie22xo
So, this is sort of a House/Cuddy/Lucas fic, honestly it just depends on how आप look at it. I'm not sure if this fic is worth continuing या not, so this maybe a one shot... who knows!
But, the italics are flashbacks, and normal लेखन means your back in the present. Figured I'd tell आप guys that just in case आप guys would get confused या something. Anyways, please let me know what आप think! :))

The evening of Saturday came tortuously slow. Finally, it was time… time to walk down the imaginatively glowing white carpet that seemed 2.6 miles long. When your feet start to हटाइए closer...
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posted by cheery_blossom
I'm passing the time before House starts tonight द्वारा लेखन this admittedly very stupid yet somehow mildly amusing fanfic.

I'm no longer लेखन fanfiction, besides oneshots and stupid stuff like this :)

I hope आप like it anyway...haha


Monday Dec 2nd 2009

Lisa Cuddy has joined facebook

Greg House has joined facebook

James Wilson has joined facebook

James Wilson has changed his status:
So this is facebook...


Lisa Cuddy changed her प्रोफ़ाइल picture
Greg House likes this


Greg House wote on Lisa Cuddy's wall:
I can see आप from where i'm sitting!
James Wilson likes this

Lisa Cuddy टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे on Greg...
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