हाउस एम.डी "Make-A-Wish" Time! Dear characters, what do आप wish for towards the new season?

Pick one:
House: "What I wish for every season - full access to Cuddy's assets."
Cuddy:"That Rachel'll be quiet at night,that's not the screams I wanted!"
Wilson:"Cure for cancer!Joking,I प्यार my job!And I need the money for my exes..."
Cameron: "I wish Chase will stop using my beauty products."
Chase: "Now that House is gone, I wish I'll be the sexiest male doctor in PPTH!"
13: "I wish I won't die during the season..."
Foreman: "I wish I won't ruin the lives of बिना सोचे समझे patients. Again."
Taub: "I wish someone will finally realize I'm a good doctor, Goddamn it!"
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