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Photoshoot Festival du Telefilm de Milan
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house md
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So, yeah this is my first लेख and yeah I'm bored to death. So this is a सूची of how to know you're a Fanatic of House (Although if you're पढ़ना this आप probably are).

100- आप watch House everyday it airs, whatever episode it is.
99-You ship a ship (that sounded weird).
98-You have watched s1-s5
97-You expect और than 12 seasons.
96-If there are no 12 seasons आप will start a petition.
95-^^Or die!
94-You can name all the characters.
93-^^In alphabetical order.
92-You can name episodes.
91-^^By seasons
90-^^By the best to worst moment of your ship.
89-You know actors names.
87-^^In order that they...
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